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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Yeah nothing about this means they never got along or didn't have fun together.
    Also it probably wasn't a 4.5 for the full 9 years. Like if you'd ask me how I'd rate the time with my ex versus me being out of a pretty bad relationship I'd definitely rate now higher and think 'good riddance' but that doesn't mean that when I was in it I thought "I hate this, somebody get me out of here' 24/7. Also my feelings about it being the worst thing to ever happen to me were probably stronger right after I got out because I needed that 'other extreme' to not doubt my decision or consider getting back to something I knew wasn't working for me anymore.
    Point being: I'm sure they've had genuinely great moments together as well, things and people just change and grow. Put me together with some old co-workers I had great times with and I'm not sure we'd have much to talk about nowadays apart from reminiscing about back in the day. A strong part of the bond was working together towards the same goals. I guess it's not that different in a band.
  2. Exactly. I just left a toxic job after 18 months and while it was a relief and my general attitude was "fuck this, I'm out!" I still chat with two of my coworkers and have fond memories of some projects and success. It's never going to be as simple as "she hated her entire time in the group" but like some posts highlight in this thread, it's still very fresh and there will be some hard feelings for a while.
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  3. Did she not say her confidence was a 4.5 at best and a zero at worst while she was in the group?
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  4. I’m sure if the likes of Steps, Take That, Spice Girls and Girls Aloud can put their differences behind them. I’m pretty sure Jesy will with the girls especially as there doesn’t seem to be any particular direct falling out with girls, rather than Jesy needing to take herself out of the group to focus on herself. Yes people are going to be hurt but it’s still raw. That’ll calm down in time
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  5. Oh my god once I start on any of this Little Mix paraphernalia I just have to watch it until the end, just always puts me in a good mood. 13:00 in particular!
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  6. I agree, I’ve said something similar in Jesys thread. I think if Steps can get through much more hurt within the group (not taking other issues into account) the girls will be fine!

    I can’t see the girls ever being like Westlife who wouldn’t let Brian back as he wanted to go back with their reunion. She’ll always be a part of Little Mix and I can’t wait to go to the reunion tour in my Zimmer frame when we’re all old!
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  7. It’s frustrating that we’re still having to talk about Jesy’s departure in this topic, with a brand new music video being out only days ago and all. I get the vibes that it wasnt a very nice working environment for Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne to constantly have to tip toe around someone whose body dismorphia issues are so severe that they literally would be the first to pick on their own every little flaws. I don’t know how long she’s going to stick to this whole “I could not deal with being compared to the other 3” narrative, I just know it wont be long before people started to see that it was largely just her and her own doing that caused all that “peer” pressure.

    I say good on Jesy for keeping posting those touched up pics on her social media but imo she’s only bringing this upon herself.
  8. This post... does not sit well with me at all. If the goal was to come across as ignorant, I guess you achieved that.
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  9. I’m truly sorry if it came across that way. I didn’t mean it. It just comes from a place of disappointment that a band I love could not make it to the 10 years milestone unscathed. Also it has and still somewhat angers/ baffles me that Jesy, out of anyone, finds it so hard to see she’s easily one of the most gorgeous woman in the entertainment industry now, that she’s spent 10 whole years being out there and inspiring many people, me included, in utter sadness.
  10. Not you saying all this with a Demi avi.
  11. I don't get your take. I don't see it as Jesy's "own doing" whatsoever; all the instances I think back to off the top of my head are situations where she was royally fucked over by the public, media or industry. Take the Touch music video... and imagine how traumatising it must have felt for her to be singled out by that nasty and blatant editing some individual / team okayed to be made to her body. That might have been five years ago, and yes we all agree she looked fierce in Sweet Melody, but that shit stays with you forever. I totally empathise.
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  12. Acknowledging somebody has body dysmorphia issues but then also expressing frustration they don't see how gorgeous they are...make it make sense.
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  13. I can acknowledge that someone is struggling and still voice my opinion about the situation all at the same time, I reckon?
  14. Nope, not when your opinion is:

    I don’t know how long she’s going to stick to this whole “I could not deal with being compared to the other 3” narrative, I just know it wont be long before people started to see that it was largely just her and her own doing that caused all that “peer” pressure.

    I say good on Jesy for keeping posting those touched up pics on her social media but imo she’s only bringing this upon herself.
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  15. I wasn’t asking but good luck trying to govern opinions on an online forum of all.
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  17. It's going to be raw right now because I suspect the other girls never believed she would just leave and become a solo artist. Little Mix always seemed to be the focus for all of them and they said they would go off and do solo work but always come back to the group. It's sad.
  18. Both situations are sad. Jesy's but also the girls'. What I do see in some sites that bothers me (although not here in particular) is a bit of lack of sympathy for the place in which Jade, Leigh and Perrie found themselves at. It must not have been fun for them having to deal with Jesy's problems, no matter how much they love her and were trying to be understanding and helpful.Her negativity, produced by her personal issues had to have been a downer for everyone, especially when you are supposed to be enjoying working on a new video, promoting the great album you have been working on for months...
    The girls are in all their right to feel angry and dissapointed, and it would be totally understandable if they felt like the whole situation is unfair. They have been nothing but supportive and nice in interviews at least, which is more that I could have done in their place
  19. Also, has it ever actually been said that Jesy suffers from body dysmorphia? Struggling with the way you look and actually having body dysmorphia are two very different things, and it's not for us to label her one way or the other.
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  20. I stole this from Buzzjack but Confetti (still #13 in midweeks) is shaping up to be their highest remix entry:

    #57 How Ya Doin'? (think this came out midweek? #23 the week after)
    #31 Hair
    #39 No More Sad Songs (this was Ed Sheeran week, if the 3-track rule existed then this would've debuted at #26)
    #27 Power
    #34 Think About Us
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