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Also, has it ever actually been said that Jesy suffers from body dysmorphia? Struggling with the way you look and actually having body dysmorphia are two very different things, and it's not for us to label her one way or the other.

Yeah - just to clarify I’m not saying she does, just referencing that post! I have no clue what her body image issues are (if she has any)


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I wasn’t asking but good luck trying to govern opinions on an online forum of all.
If only this forum had some sort of... moderators?

Look, Jesy is beautiful and all that, but that’s not how issues like this work. She was at a stage where her mental health was suffering and she took the decision to walk away and be able to manage it on her own terms.

If you’re able to acknowledge that she was struggling, you’re able to understand that this isn’t “of her own doing” at all - it’s effectively a mental health issue caused by years of toxic messaging about women’s bodies and the fact that, frankly, her body didn’t look like the other three’s when the band came out, and she did get a lot of stick for it.

That trumps your frustration that your favourite girl group couldn’t hit an arbitrary milestone of longevity, I’m afraid.

Please temper your posts on this subject and try and have more compassion for Jesy’s position.
It’s frustrating that we’re still having to talk about Jesy’s departure in this topic, with a brand new music video being out only days ago and all. I get the vibes that it wasnt a very nice working environment for Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne to constantly have to tip toe around someone whose body dismorphia issues are so severe that they literally would be the first to pick on their own every little flaws. I don’t know how long she’s going to stick to this whole “I could not deal with being compared to the other 3” narrative, I just know it wont be long before people started to see that it was largely just her and her own doing that caused all that “peer” pressure.

I say good on Jesy for keeping posting those touched up pics on her social media but imo she’s only bringing this upon herself.

As someone rightfully pointed out, this is exactly what Demi Lovato has been struggling to cope with in the public eye for over a decade. And to be frank Jesy has made TWO public statements regarding her departure, not that it needs justifying.
Just reading fans are going into meltdown on Twitter because Jesy is on a blocking rampage with the fans... good! I don’t get why they feel the need to bombard her with hate over all of this. It’s getting out of hand! The drama is too much, it’s release week we should all be excited about Confetti!!!
I feel like the hot take of ignoring the article because Confetti just dropped is... a lot? Hate in either direction is ridiculous, but if a group that shared a united front together for ten years disbands and both parties are on the promo circuit talking about it, fans are going to comment on it.


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Just watched the Say You'll Be There video and it suddenly hit me how they're walking scene at the end of Shout Out reminded me of that. Wonder if it was on purpose?
Also 'it was just a job'...well it got to the part where the job wasn't being done (promo with crying members, Sweet Melody video going out unfinished, missing members on big projects), so that spelled trouble for both the members not okay with the work and the ones who liked the work.

They will be fine, all four of them.
I don’t understand why they didn’t just combine unused footage from the vertical video a la four way split screen.
The only Break Up Song I acknowledge is the full screen version on Vimeo with the lighting and spinning podium. I’ve erased the quarantine version from my mind.
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