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Little Mix - Confetti

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. The line up for the Brits performers is better than it's been in a while, so let's hope the girls join it.
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  2. Confetti the single charts at #15 this week, bringing its total to 110k. The album is up 10 places, too.
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  3. The way the girls just keep collecting hits, legendary if you ask me.
  4. Just out of curiosity, why some of you thinks that Leigh cannot perform while being 3 to 4 months pregnant? Lots of fellow pop girls performed or even went on tour while pregnant, of course she can't do blackflips or complicate dance routines but it's not like a woman has to stay still while pregnant.
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  5. Interesting...
  6. Beyoncé slayed Glastonbury, Roseland and the VMA’s pregnant with Blue. Leigh Anne slaying the choreo in Confetti whilst expecting is proof that she’s more than capable. I NEVER doubt her graft and determination
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  7. Also you just know Leigh would love to kill a live performance at the BRITs whilst pregnant.
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  8. I still think they're not performing. Leigh's pregnancy looks pretty advanced in the photoshoot. Either way whatever she chooses to do it's okay, and i'm sure she'll do an amazing job like always.
  9. She definitely doesn't look 3-4 months pregnant. If anything, she's closer to being a couple months off the due date!
  10. War flashbacks
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  11. No one's saying she can't or won't. Just that she may not want to do a choreo-heavy performance - which their Brits performances usually are - whilst being quite far along in her pregnancy (further than 3-4 months if the size of her bump is anything to go by). But I still wouldn't rule anything out just yet.
  12. Do you mean the scene where they merge into each other or something else?
  13. Yes that one.
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  14. To be honest, trying to cram all four of them into the transformation scenes in Sweet Melody would've made the whole shot feel rushed. Having it just the three that filmed it gave enough space to make the idea work.
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  15. Good news

    Edit- We been pranked
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  16. The account is fake ...
  17. Whoops
  18. Oop-
  19. I disagree, sorry. It was such a cool idea and it still looks great with just the three girls, but to me it really stood out that Jesy was missing.
  20. Scream. Poor Debbie.
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