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Little Mix - Confetti

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. Then I blocked your number from ma phoan
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  2. Where is the lie though for Wings?
  3. The song itself is whatever but the video is absolutely one of their best. Of all the...choices on that list, this wasn't one of them.

    They did what had to be done.
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  4. It's the random heads on springs style thing. What is that?
  5. Move should’ve been Top 5.

    Holiday should’ve been Bottom 5.

    My Top 5 would be:

    5. Woman Like Me
    4. Salute
    3. Move
    2. Confetti
    1. Sweet Melody

    They have a lot of great videos but, in my opinion, these are the 5 best.
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  6. Bounce Back is one of there best videos and I won’t hear otherwise !
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  7. I genuinely love the Think About Us video. It's Top 10 material and I will die on that hill, let me die on it, let Kate Bush step on my head.
  8. Watching back when Little Mix were announced winners of the X factor.

    I’m not crying, you are
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  9. When all the bookies, the GP and even members on this forum (when you look back) had already written them off.

    I love the underdog nature that they’ve always had. They always stay winning and defying so many odds.
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  10. I genuinely don't even remember there being a Think About Us video.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Them knowing Robyn Call Your Girlfriend but passing on Calum Scott. Little Allies.
  13. The random accents popping up all over that kills me.
  14. No More Sad Songs is still so underrated to this day it's upsetting. Both the song and video are stellar.
  15. I think the girls think this as well especially Jade .
  16. I don't think No More Sad Songs is underrated at all. It's been in every tour and every festival set since it came out...Move is the underrated single actually.
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  17. The difference is Move was a lead single and had a huge push. NMSS didn't get a single televised performance.

    I agree Move was ahead of its time and didn't get the love it deserved though.
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