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Little Mix - Confetti

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. It's fun? I'll bop.
  2. Not them blocking Ed. I stan.
  3. Loving this. Bops hard

    like a You Gotta Not vibes but better?
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  4. I have trouble distinguishing her voice because she sounds like all 3 of the girls mixed together?
    The song slaps though.
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  5. To be honest this is why i think Girlbands and girl singer collabs wont work with the GP as to them it will just sound like the band

    Its a bop. I think people think of it badly because of being bias towards the fact Anne Marie is on it
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  6. Kiss My is massive. What a bop.
  7. Is it out yet?
  8. What was this? It's been deleted.
  9. They’re number 1 on the Hot Hits UK playlist on Spotify
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  10. They posted a screenshot of Hot Hits UK where you can see they have Ed Sheeran silenced:
  11. Same.
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  12. Kiss My is a fun lil bop. It doesn't compare to their better moments as a group, but it's still superior to most of their album tracks to date.

    Lumidee remains unbothered, though.
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  13. W2K


    Kiss My (Uh Oh) is a summer bop. Pass me a cocktail immediately.
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  14. Kiss My is a bop.
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  15. I don't know if I'm a bad Little Mix fan or I'm just not that familiar with Anne-Marie's vocals but for the life of me I cannot tell if it's any of them singing. I can hear Leigh tho. Anne-Marie is just the combined singing style of Perrie & Jade.
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  16. Do we know if the video is coming out tomorrow too?
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  17. Ok I think it goes like this:

    Verse 1: Anne starts first, then comes Perrie
    Pre-hook: Leigh
    Chorus 1: Anne Marie with LM doing the background vocals
    Verse 2: Anne starts, then comes Jade
    Pre-hook: Leigh
    Chorus: Perrie
    Bridge: All
    Chorus: All

    I think I even like this one more than Heartbreak Anthem. Very Glory Days-ish.
  18. RMK


    Kiss My is great for what it is. Anne-Marie and Perrie have very similar voices, and I fortunately never made that connection before. But when Perrie takes the second chorus, it's obvious because every hook she sings on is instantly great.

    Not sure if we know of other singles in the pipeline, but this'll definitely do its job in holding me over until the girls release something else. My only gripe is that Jade's appearance is so brief.
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  19. This is pretty much what I think as well, but to me it sounds like Jade comes back in for the “but when I’m gone you do the most” in the second pre-chorus.
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  20. Leigh's voice is so studio ready, it's crazy. She kills whatever she's given to sing, especially low bits and her enunciation is always on point in giving attitude.
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