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Little Mix - Festivals, The Search and 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Secret Love Song III
  2. The Philippines would implode.
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  3. I mean... speechless! She looks sensational.

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  4. TOP 20 GLOBAL CONCERT TOURS 2019 (gross per show)

    1. Elton John; $2,870,863; $130.86.

    2. Sandy & Junior; $2,260,403; $54.38.

    3. Phil Collins; $2,145,965; $144.69.

    4. Guns N’ Roses; $2,003,111; $127.13.

    5. Muse; $1,921,982; $85.11.

    6. Post Malone; $1,913,809; $116.49.

    7. Ariana Grande; $1,869,662; $93.54.

    8. Jonas Brothers; $1,700,530; $104.72.

    9. Hugh Jackman; $1,691,200; $83.50.

    10. Cher; $1,485,624; $127.42.

    16. Little Mix; $1,274,903; $58.85.

    19. Backstreet Boys; $1,234,347; $98.73.
  5. I thought it was Jade at first!
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  6. It’s impressive touring numbers like this that allows a Label to cut an era short (LM5) but stay winning. Many other artists are not so fortunate.
  7. The way she's literally serving supermodel looks


    Leigh also looks stunning:

  8. I feel like they're onto something with these looks today...
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  9. The girls were with MNEK today. You can hear Leigh saying “Next year is going to be massive” for whatever reason.

  10. So pretty - blonder hair just makes her look even better too.
  11. Yes, MNEK and Jade ist the combination that we need!!! Wasabi was right. there.
  12. Do I go to Leicester and Canterbury as well next year? Lord help me.
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  13. If you can afford it/have the time, why not?
  14. Well considering I'm flying from Australia so essentially stuck in the country for the trip, looks like I might as well.
    Ardingly, Durham, Leicester, Norfolk and Canterbury.
  15. You're living the dream! If you have the chance to do your own mini-tour, you should always take it.
  16. Wasabi is not a MNEK production though? I think he was just a co-writer.
  17. And? It’s still a massive bop and Jade and him both had a hand in it, whether that be as a writer or producer.
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