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Little Mix - Festivals, The Search and 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Dd at Ariana leaving their group chat.

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  2. That whole interview was so cute. Have there EVER been a group with four equally effervescent, hilarious, humble, and lovely gals in the same group? I think no.
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  3. The Spice Girls.

    None for you Victoria.

    Just kidding.

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  4. I was meant to see the girls yesterday. Gutted.
  5. That’s a shame.
    Where were you going to see them?
  6. Sydney.

    But it's okay considering I'm flying them 5+ times in the UK, oop.
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  7. That’s a bummer about Sydney cancellation.
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  9. About this, I’ve heard the Dolls’ team was trying to push React into the soundtrack and the people behind its tracklist would rather have just one girlband, so the girls might not end up on it after all.
  10. This would be the ultimate situation to post the why don’t we have both? Gif
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  11. I've heard they'd rather have "just one girlband". Ridiculous.
  12. Hoping they will release the lead from the new album to coincide with a BRITS performance.
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  13. Between the botched single release of 'Think About Us', and abandonment of the album, the under-performance of 'Bonce Back' and utter misfire of 'One I've Been Missing', I really hope 2020 is kinder to Little Mix.
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  14. Chart-wise 2019 really wasn' it for them, but I think they managed to keep their profile safe in the country through Jesy's documentary, the tour, the PLT range and the reality's announcement.
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  15. This is exciting
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  16. You just know that Jade will be front row at Diana Ross’ Glastonbury legends slot.
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  17. They’re coming to Brazil in March!!!!!! Headliners at GRLS Festival alongside Kylie.

    I’m so happy, ahh!

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  18. Golden circle tickets for Aberdeen bought!
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  19. Not "Girls Aloud, are you ready?" ddd
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