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Little Mix - Festivals, The Search and 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Get out. She’s a legend at this point!
  2. Get Weird has become their second album to surpass a billion streams on Spotify!
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  3. Get Weird has also now sold 850,000 in the UK and Glory Days a massive 1,110,000. LM5 has sold 260k, which seems underwhelming in comparison, but album sales have kind of nosedived between Glory Days and LM5 and it didn't have the long 4/5-singles campaign that the two albums before had.

    Woman Like Me also made the top 100 selling songs of 2019 despite being from 2018, and has sold 840k.
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  4. Not bad for a dead flop bitch.
  5. I swear she gets more beautiful every year.
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  6. Apparently their show in Brazil won’t be the only one in South America.

    @Florencia. praying for you.

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  7. Update the title to LM6 only? Christmas is gone. How did the single perform tho?
  8. It didn’t.
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  9. I thought it would hit top 40 at the very least, but I guess Xmas is just crowded with so many releases that it got lost in the mix.
  10. It’ll probably hit number one in 25 years.
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  11. Jesy’s Documentary got Shorlisted at The National Television Awards

    Very well deserved VOTE for her !

    EDIT : Her Category is Best Factual Programme and if want to skip the other categories and just vote for Jesy you can !
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  12. If someone in the UK can get a spare copy of this and send it over to me in Oz, that'd be stunning!
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  14. E017FDFE-37A7-4043-865F-275B7EB1DB7A.jpeg
    A mess.

    I’ll change the thread title tomorrow.
  15. Im still surprised it didn’t go platinum just off the back of Xmas sales. But I guess as we know it wasn’t a fully formed campaign.
  16. Any news on the album?
  17. For whatever gay reason i’m watching the Hear’Say concert on YouTube and they have an actual live band... so why the fuck haven’t Little Mix yet??
  18. Leigh wants to live in a mansion with a wine cellar.
  19. There’s also the sad fact that... it just isn’t that good. I’d prefer Love Me Like You to be their Christmas legacy song.
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