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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Little Mix will release their 4th studio album Glory Days on November, 18th 2016. The album will feature their brand new single, "Shout Out To My Ex" set for release on October 16!

    The album's deluxe version will include The Get Weird Tour DVD!

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  2. I'd quite like something with the urban tinged levity of Work From Home, but I want them to have something they can really sang.

    Get Weird wasn't mostly my cup of tea, but I'm glad it was successful and I hope it will pay for some time with amazing producers. They're so much better than their collaborators.
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  3. Interesting I never expected a fourth album so soon.

    If it's half as good as Get Weird I'll be very content.
  4. Doesn't this feel a tad too soon or is it just me?
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  5. I think if they get strong material together then its better they just keep riding this momentum.
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  6. I guess it feels that way because of the 2 year gap between 2 and 3.

    Many pop acts churn out albums yearly which seems normal.
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  7. Maybe that's why. It's not the yearly thing that's causing it, (Girls Aloud and One Direction were popping them out like clockwork) I think it's because such a small gap between Lil Mix albums is unusual.
  8. It is unusual for them, but not surprising since they need to strike when the iron's hot and all that.
  9. There was only a year between DNA and Salute, it's not that strange for them.
  10. I hope they get a more grown up album after Get Weird but with enough appeal to have hits too.
  11. Salute was a more grown up album, but they took a step back with Get Weird. Maybe it was too soon for something like Salute.
    Anyway. They don't need to be a "thing" in US. They should stay in the top of UK and focus only on Europe (Germany, France) and Australia.
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  12. I'm a little antsy about getting a fourth album this year. I'd love more music but I don't want to see a repeat of Salute's promotion where they just pushed it out the door shortly behind the lead single. They were rewarded on Get Weird for building hype over the summer and early fall last time.

    I'm not too focused on hearing a particular sound out of them. I think they just need quality tracks somewhere near pop and R&B mainstream trends. I'd like to see them mix a few US producers in to shake things up and try to find a few hit singles. Tonally, I think we'll see them mature up and get a little more frank about things. I just want them to stay away from trying to force some seriousness or edge that isn't really there in real life, which I think was a problem on Salute.

    As far as whether the Americas ever get them, I've honestly stopped caring other than wishing I could see a full show here in California some day. If they are able to grow their live base in Europe/Australia/SE Asia from this tour the way they did between tours in the UK, that would be ~50 arena dates. That's where most of the money comes from these days. How much more time do they really want to spend on the road?
  13. The pool on this thread should be changed to US hit. And that's only going to happen if they get a decent team willing to promote them. But let's not go there again.
    I can't wait for new music! I just hope it's amazing, really. They deserve an incredible album. Sort of like Salute, but with higher highs.
  14. The sooner the better.
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  15. I kind of found their US promo a little weird when Black Magic was doing well over there. I think it was GMA that recognised their 4 year anniversary when they weren't even that big in the US to start with.

    Now that Fifth Harmony have managed to get some traction in the US, it'll be difficult for them to break that market. I think they'd need to dedicate themselves to quite a gruelling promo schedule to make sure that they're everywhere. I don't doubt LM's ability because I think overall they're better performers, they just need the exposure to be recognised for it.
  16. I hope this is a big improvement on Get Weird. All of the singles are great but the rest of the album has left me pretty cold.
  17. Yes, I am very fearful of something that just sounds like a rip-off of Work from Home as they look to smash America.
  18. I do think they should watch themselves going too rnb as Salute was less successful and got less support than DNA or Get Weird. But I don't care what the genre is, as long as we get our first 5/5 album from them and it spawns many a hit. They're easily in the position to obtain a #1 album now.

    I, however, don't think they will get a worldwide smash. America just isn't there for them. If Black Magic wouldn't catch on, I don't really know what would.

    But they have Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and lots of other countries, which is much more than The Saturdays or Girls Aloud ever had.
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  19. Edu


    All I want from them is a great album like Salute. I can't deal with the KidzBop garbage that Get Weird was so I'm more than glad that they're going on this R&B route again. I don't even care about them being successful in America or getting a worldwide hit, I just want some good music this time.
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