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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Yes, yes it is.
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  2. How are they doing without Perrie?
  3. I've only seen 30 seconds long videos, but they seem to be doing okay!
    I love that even when one of them can't perform, they still give us good performances.

  4. They just got off stage and I’d say that it was their worst public appearance to date. It wasn’t their fault but the audio was just terrible. They were on stage for less than ten minutes and sang Wings and Touch. The audio during Wings was so off, there was like two different tracks playing the first with vocals but then the second track came in and they were singing along to that one but the first one was still playing and it was all very awkward. Some people were actually booing them which was kind of sad. Then Leigh Anne’s mic was really low in Touch but it came back in real strong at the end of Touch for her ad libs and it was like uncomfortably loud so she just stopped singing. It was all very uncomfortable and I felt kind of bad for them cause it wasn’t really their fault and it was in America where they’re still trying to make good impressions. I don’t know why they didn’t do more than two songs though.
    Other than that though they still looked great and sounded good (when I could hear them). It was just ruined by things out of their control.
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  5. Only those two songs? Ugh...

    Do they have any kind of other thing to do in the US this week or was the trip just for this?
  6. They’re in Vegas they can go see Britney!
  7. America really doesn't deserve Little Mix and more fool them to be honest. Honestly, look how loved they are over here and appreciated they are for their performances and their great music, go UK!
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  8. This was a mess

  9. I honestly hate Wings
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  10. Oh shit that sucks. One of them being sick happens, they showed before they know how to handle it, but the rest is unacceptable. I wonder if they cut their set short because of the sound problems and/or Perrie's absence. I'm guessing they had a 15-25 minutes set from the schedule iHeart announced.
    When they were announced months ago, I remember thinking it was random since they would have nothing to promote in the US in September. So I thought maybe they would be in the US to record / work with new producers around that time... Wishful thinking but I still hope they haven't made the trip to only perform years old songs at a radio event and celebrate their dancer's birthday.
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  11. What an absolute mess.
  12. IMG_1200.jpg

    At least they looked cute tho. Serving 3LW tees.
  13. RJF


    I mean, it was in America. They'll maybe sell six albums instead of seven this week.
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  14. This is like a hideous prediction of what a tragic Little Mix reunion ft. The 3 that like each other will look like on the Student Union stage in 15 years... shudder.

    Only it's now.
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  15. Jesy just posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it 'well at least my hair was good'. I bet they're furious.
  16. In better news... another one in the basket
  17. Did I love her so much

    I shudder to even think of that. I'd honestly prefer them to go out with a bang and don't come back to perform like that in any kind of half assed reunion

    About today, the good thing for us the fans is that these "not good" performances are the exception and not the rule.
    It would be sad if a good, vocally decent and with in sync choreography was a rare thing
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  18. Oh god it was even more of a mess than people were making out. How on earth did they still keep to the timing of the second track?

  19. Welp.
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  20. Eh. I think we came to the conclusion they wouldn't break America in like 2015. The past year has only solidified that. No need to worry.
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