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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. We need the audience to buy the album
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  2. Has he produced for them before?

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  3. So after all Incapable was Dear Lover. Oh I was hoping he was involved in LM5.
  4. I think I would rank Dear Lover over Is Your Love Enough? The chorus keeps getting in my head.
  5. Will have to wait until the physical is released here in Mexico next week according to Amazon.
  6. Make Me is much better though. I hoped he'd produce something similar for them...
  7. Found the 3 tracks on youtube. I live! They're all great. Is your love enough is definitely the most instant but, I can imagine the melancholy bop Dear Lover smashing at this time of year. And If I Get My Way is very anthemic a la Shout Out... I would love them to perform a medley of No More Sad Songs, Power and Reggaeton Lento (as they're the 3 that haven't had big televised performances), finishing off with one of the three new tracks which will be the new single.
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  8. A few people who went to the screening said around 1hr 15 minutes.
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  9. Ooh, that is definitely purchase-worthy.
  10. Just saw a tv advert for the album. I have to admit it looks pretty amazing when they put all the singles together, especially with clips from the dvd/tour. I can see this selling bucket loads.
  11. is it split into sections on Apple Music too?
  12. Dear Lover is much better on second listen. Just re-listening to If I Get My Way now, it's probably my least favourite of the 3, but it's very good.
  13. Yes
  14. Those two have taken me a few listens to get into as well, especially the latter. Is Your Love Enough is definitely the most instant but I think the others will grow on me.
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  15. Oh how annoying, physical copy it is then.
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  16. My favs in this order

    Is your love enough?
    If I get my way
    Dear lover
  17. If I Get My Way reminds me of Nothing Else Matters with better production but a weaker melody.
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  18. So we can’t buy the new tracks individually?
  19. You must be able to as they are charting in some countries already
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