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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Is your love enough at number 4 on NMF
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  2. When the final chorus was coming up in If I Get My Way, I was getting ready for Perrie to blow... to my surprise, Leigh Anne came throoooougggghhhhh instead! Queen.
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  3. honestly it’s not even been out 15 minutes and @Joe. is at it

    Is Your Love Enough is a BOP.

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  4. The second is Rita Ora promo which if the rest of you haven’t seen is now discounted to an affordable price, and would make a wonderful UK #1.
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  5. Wow the bottle of wine I enjoyed before watching this documentary alone was not a good idea I am in TEARS I love them
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  6. I’m honestly done with you.
  7. Wait, does this mean you haven't already bought Anywhere, a song you love by an artist you now stan for?

    It's 59p, I think that's the least you can do for Rita after the years of abuse you've given her on Twitter.
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  8. They'd be stupid not to release a video for Your Love Is Enough and to perform it at the X Factor Final.
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  9. The part where Jade starts crying wow um free Jade
  10. I'm never complaining about them again
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  11. I can’t believe I exposed myself like this.
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  12. Please do.
  13. Please complain about them or please never complain about them? Be specific
  14. Now the only thing left for you to expose is the iTunes receipt from your Anywhere purchase!
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  15. But we need the audience the single
  16. Is Your Love Enough? > Dear Lover > If I Get My Way

    They're all various degrees of cute though, so I'll use. IYLE actually tugs a bit - the little added flourishes in the production on the second bridge are a particular highlight.

    Now y'all, do your London dates this weekend, and take a nice, long break. You've more than earned it.
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  17. Whoo, Is Your Love Enough? is definitely a HIT even on first listen.
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  18. Here for the Latin remix featuring CNCO to get them that Latin America hit. Es Tu Amor Suficiente? #googletranslate teas
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Documentary was nice. There were some peeves, like Jade & Leigh being the only ones doing camera interviews while the others mostly provided 'voice-overs', them suddenly being in the Netherlands again after the Denmark bit and such.. Plus it all feels slightly sugarcoated.. this is still a brand they're selling so I get they're not gonna throw out any dirt on each other but I'd have liked things to just be a little bit rawer.. But from what they showed and told it seems like we're good for LM5 which I'm totally ready for.
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