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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Make that money I guess
  2. OVEREXPOSURE!!!!!!!!
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  3. I wonder if they'll perform 3rd time in a row at the BRITs next year? Certainly hope so.
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  4. The Brits can be the new X Factor Finale, with a guaranteed Little Mix performance every year.
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  5. The fact that they are the third most streamed artist in the UK and the most streamed group is just huge.
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  6. No! There would be no justification to have them again. They're huge at the minute but even One Direction only got to perform once. That's the way it should be. If they'd released a new studio album this year rather than a re-release then maybe but as it stands right now the X factor finale was enough...
  7. Gotta say I was stunned when I saw that. Even above Coldplay and all the rock/indie groups! Quite a feat.
  8. I mean I was mostly kidding, but also screw justification. They’d give a better performance than most of the other options so I don’t really care if they only rereleased their album and didn’t put out a whole new one. It’s not like it would be completely random anyway, they will atleast have one nomination next year.
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  9. One Direction turned down performing due to their schedule though, so its not really the same scenario. I agree though, there's not really a reason for them to perform, nor a song.
  10. LOL if Steps and Spice Girls can perform at the Brits 'because of ticket sales' so can Little Legends. And you just know Brit Awards are thirsty for that young demo. They're 100% there.
  11. One Direction had an award created just for them purely to say they won one.

    They then were nominated two years in a row AFTER they had announced a hiatus, purely for the Brits to gain some hype.

    I'm not saying Little Mix need a 3rd year but seeing Brits, justification and One Direction in the same line makes me chuckle.
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  12. Gus they'll be there with bells and whistles, don't.
  13. I doubt they will perform this year (unless they’re really low on performer options) but I’m not going to turn my nose up at 2017 smash top 15 single No More Sad Songs getting a performance slot.
  14. Gotta admit Black Magic and Shout Out To My Ex at the BRITS were fierce.
  15. By performing once 1D already showed all their performance skills. Little Mix bring something new every year so this comparison is quite something.
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  16. Little Mix have yet to give us that stripped back performance showcasing their vocals on a huge stage like the Brits or the X Factor and I won't be happy until they do so.
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  17. I bet if asked they would.. yes it’s third year in a row but I doubt they’d turn it down and I also can’t really think of any other artists that would put on a show like they do.
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  18. Assuming they’ll be nominated for at least Best Single and Best Video, I don’t think another BRITs performance is out of the question, especially as they are one of the most successful UK artists of the last twelve months, even without a new album release.
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  19. What would they perform though? If it's Power or Lento they can KEEP IT.
    I doubt they would let them do Is Your Love Enough. And there's no chance they could do The Promise or something? Or Call the Shots? Please?
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