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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Glory Days medley: Power/No More Sad Songs/Touch/RLR/back into Touch
  2. This album has not done so well in America as the other 3, why?

    It sounds so well designed for that market.
  3. I'd love it if the performance was IYLE/Reggaeton/Touch. All dem dance breaks. Yes please.
  4. No offense, but this sounds so ATRL thread
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  5. They'll perform whatever they get the nomination for. So Power or Touch?
  6. Touch will likely be nominated for British Single so it would be amazing to get a performance of that.
  7. Big glamorous acoustic performance of Touch with a more harmonies-filled arrangement, please. Thank you.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. @Joanie's age is that of 4 ATRLers combined. They are really asking.
  10. I'd love a Brits performance with Girls Aloud opening then passing their mics to Little Mix and exiting the stage.
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  11. IMAGINE.
  12. It might not be a popular opinion but I can actually see that happening. Touch is obviously pretty old now so they'd need to change it up and, as @Fantasy said, they haven't had a big televised vocal 'moment' up to now. I'd be here for their Someone Like You.
  13. Were they not the clear, hands-down best performance of the show the past two years running? I can’t think of a single reason why the Brits, or actually anyone, wouldn’t want them to perform again. I know it’ll be the only reason I watch.
  14. The question is just kind of exhausting because it's been asked over and over. But if I remember correctly I think their fanbase really collapsed after Move flopped - even more than usual - on radio and the Salute tour was cancelled. I'm pretty sure Glory Days was only a mild downslope from the sales of Get Weird, barely out of line with the decline in physical sales. Either way they are too small now to do more than a mini theater tour here (which I think they should do anyway) so it's been constant opening slots which builds no momentum.

    Their campaigns are - probably correctly - built around UK holiday physical and ticket sales rather than releasing in off times to maximize internet oxygen. Their US label constantly launches US singles on radio 3-4 months after the UK, just as the internet is moving on to the next single. Their producers have generally never had a worldwide hit and tend to trend-chase.

    In terms of positioning, gatekeepers like Pitchfork and Fantano have declared them to be kiddie, which given their fairly broad base elsewhere says to me that there's a culture gap. They're too accessible to appeal to indie pop fans, they got iced out of being the default girl group for teens here by 5H and now they've been around for a while. The US only takes a girl group on board once in a while and now they're out of cycle. Their strong performing ability, deep chemistry, likability, and progression apparently aren't relevant - the US either doesn't care about or doesn't believe in those things.
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  15. God, I never thought I'd see myself say this but this post makes me so grateful to be British.
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  16. I appreciate your articulate & intelligent response, as I was genuinely mystified & not being U.S. based or having the benefit of that perspective, had no idea how they were being perceived over there which is interesting to read as it’s so different from the U.K.
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  17. Does anyone know where I can find this bloody documentary?! I've already got the deluxe album and don't really fancy paying £10+ for 3 new tracks which are quite average, however I would love to watch the documentary but cannot find it anywhere on this internet!
  18. I literally just watched it last week on YouTube. I just tried looking for the same video for you but I’m guessing they’ve taken it down because I can’t find it anymore.
  19. This. Thank you.
  20. I'm holding back for it being reduced in the sales after Christmas.
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