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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Yep.
  2. Touch - Acoustic is so gorgeous isn't it? It makes me feel Christmassy.
  3. They're still so hungry for domination it's not even funny, they're never satisfied with their success and I love it.
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  4. Honestly the ‘will they make it in America’ every album cycle is so exhausting. It’s just not going to suddenly happen 5 albums in. They’re massive in the UK and are doing well enough in lots of other decent music markets around the world so they should just focus on those that have already embraced them.
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  5. I tried to be optimistic and interpret it as other territorries, let's see...
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  6. I'm Perrie choosing 'laughter'.

    I don't understand them. You just know that when they say 'worldwide', they're thinking of the US. They and their teams were saying the exact same thing last year and then they thought their couple of months and half arsed campaign there were enough to crack the US... If that's what you want, do it properly at least.

    If they're not yet satisfied with their success and want 'world domination', they should get a giant hit (they won't) or just focus on other territories. They haven't visited new places or toured the countries they did with Get Weird this year, it's a shame.
  7. They need to milk their connections and get Scooter Braun to manage them in the US.
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  8. If the US was gonna happen, it would've happened. The US have heard them do literally every kind of song at this point, from Wings to Move to Salute to Black Magic to SOTME to Touch to Reggaeton Lento. They have a fan base there, sure, so cater to them and stop trying to pull in a crowd that doesn't wanna know.
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  9. ddddd at Ollie saying his part like he had a different kind of domination in mind.
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  10. I think maybe if One Direction hadn't been such a worldwide phenomenon then Little Mix wouldn't be so arsed about US success. Syco with their post-1D groups, including Little Mix, have wanted to capture that same impact so the girls probably felt the inferior act especially in the early years when their singles were not getting within the Billboard top 40 let alone top 10. But when it comes to TALENT and performance ability, Little Mix have it as a group where as 1D were slightly lacking. If America doesn't want them it's America's loss.
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  11. If they want any sort of success in America - they need to get a new team.

    Otherwise, forget it because their current team is the pits.

    Their UK management/PR - I can't really fault them right now.
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  12. Why does Louis Tomlinson sound like he’s threatening us when he says “album”?
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  13. Power being played at London fireworks and broadcast to millions - what legends!
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  14. Completely agree. This is my only opinion on this topic.
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  15. I mean success in America would be great, but a part of me loves the fact that they're such huge forces in the UK and yet make minor impact on the charts in the US. Some of the best girl groups in the past had the same fate (Girls Aloud, Sugababes etc.)
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  16. If they expanded on their already successful fan bases across Europe, Asia and Oceania in 2018, they really could become a global force this year.

    Please God, someone send them to South America this year too!!!
  17. I really don’t mind much about their success in America as long as I can still buy their music and support them. But of course, seeing them live would be nice too.
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  18. She looks so cute.
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  19. This era has truly solidified them as the UK's Sweethearts.
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