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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. In addition to what you guys said above, another 'barrier' for Little Mix is that a rock band like The Struts can tag along to a bunch of mini-theatre rock tours with other 4-5 small bands and rock fans attend. Little Mix would have to be the headliner, playing small venues for little kids. It's a very different approach. The best they can do is keep opening for big acts and continue to build a fanbase like that. Or give up and focus on Latin America and Asia.
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  2. If you're talking exclusively about the States, I think the general consensus here is that giving up is the wisest thing they could do. Or at least put a lot less into it than they did last year. Asia and South America would give them much greater returns for a lot less time and effort.
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  3. Ella's mom is suing.

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  4. *is dead*
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    Solo album front and back cover.
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  6. She must be freezing!
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  7. *slain in 4 points in the Top Answer game*
  8. I'm suing her.
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  9. Actually from what I’ve seen Little Mix’s US fan base is mostly teenagers, as the exposure isn’t there for young kids to even find their music. Almost all the fans left are people who have been fans since like 2012/2013. But the rest of the point is correct, it’s a different approach for a pop group. An opening act slot like the ones they’ve done for Demi and Ariana would’ve been the best way to go had they actually set out with more promotion and not the mess that was their radio plan last year.
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  10. I agree- I do think they owe the USA a show. I live here half the year and would love to go with friends to see them do a full set. I just don't see it happening any time soon. I agree with you, just sadly don't think the label sees it the same way.
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  11. Lead single "Going Club (feat. Lucy and Lydia)"
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  12. It's the exact reason why I didn't get tickets, I was so disappointed in their Glory Days concert and will probably never go to see them again, and I go to a lot of concerts. It just felt cheap bare.
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  13. POWER is one of the official song’s for WWE’s PPV The Royal Rumble . Get that promotion girls !!!!
  14. She looks incredible!
  15. Nothing Else Matters is getting a stan card.
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  16. Nice to see her acknowledge Cannonball you kind of get the feeling they'd rather Wings was their debut.
  17. I think they do.
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  18. Scream.
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  19. An icon.
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