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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. The first time Ally's ever been on beat and she wasn't even there. I'm dead.
  2. So I didn't listen to any of the re-release tracks until yesterday... If I Get My Way is all I'm gonna use but what a bop.
  3. Considering WWE is known for it's amazing video packages I'm sure that whatever they produce will more than compliment the song.
    What an amazing bit of brand synergy with Little Mix and the first ever Woman's Royal Rumble.
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  4. Don't know this reality but promo is promo I guess.

    Edit: She's Dionne Warwick's granddaughter (and Whitney's cousin)! Now that was unexpected.
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  5. Icon.
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  6. Nice to see her and Jesy out together at the NBA game. They look beautiful as usual.
  7. I’m not really here for this odd pop-rock arrangement but she has chops. I’m not sure the song was shown off all that well by that performance, though. At least Meghan had the sense to stan for it.

    (Also, Fergie mustering up that level of enthusiasm for this format is kind of impressive. Give the woman an acting Emmy.)
  8. Yeah it's time the Little Mix girls had individual Twitter accounts.
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  9. They barely use Twitter at all, they've been using it more the last couple of weeks since they have downtime right now. I think they're really focused on their individual Instagram accounts.
  10. They barely use it because they have no accounts. I'm sure Jade would slay there same with Leigh Anne. Perrie too.
  11. Updated sales from the fountain of knowledge that is Buzzjack:

    UK Sales

    1,183,215 Shout Out To My Ex [​IMG]
    1,150,000 Black Magic [​IMG]
    1,065,614 Touch [​IMG]
    790,000 Secret Love Song [​IMG]
    773,160 Power [​IMG]
    640,000 Wings [​IMG]
    635,802 Reggaetón Lento (with CNCO) [​IMG]
    620,000 Hair [​IMG]
    567,836 No More Sad Songs [​IMG]
    560,000 Love Me Like You [​IMG]
    550,000 Move [​IMG]
    506,570 Cannonball [​IMG]
    352,000 Salute [​IMG]
    349,426 DNA [​IMG]
    207,030 Little Me [​IMG]
    200,000 Change Your Life [​IMG]
    184,120 How Ya Doin'?
    129,356 Word Up!
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  12. Albums:

    893,938 Glory Days [​IMG] [​IMG]
    760,068 Get Weird [​IMG] [​IMG]
    424,000 DNA [​IMG]
    356,034 Salute [​IMG]

    (I couldn't add it to the singles one as it had too many images)
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  13. So triple platinum is coming next week for Glory Days and double platinum in less than a month for Shout Out. Sounds about right.
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  14. They'll have like 30,000 followers each though they've joined so late.
  15. I don't use twitter, so I'm not arsed that they're not on it individually. When I did use it, I found it to be pretty toxic fandom-wise (not saying that insta isn't) and it's a place for the professionally offended so they're better off staying off it.
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  16. I thought Get Weird had sold more than Glory Days?
  17. Their joint twitter comes from the days when Jesy got lots of abuse during The X Factor, doesn’t it?

    Imagine abusing this now:
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  18. I understood it back then but they’re strong, opinionated young women now.
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  19. If you've seen one photo Jesy's uploaded online, then you've seen them all.
  20. Them individually being on Twitter would... not end well for anyone.
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