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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Imagine Jade tweeting all existing companies 24 hours a day trying to solve her problems.
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  2. Jade is us all.

    We are all Jade.
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  3. Until the re-release
  4. I thought it came from Perrie getting lots of abuse for dating Zayn. This was back when Twitter was relatively new and Directioners were young and rabid.
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  5. Get Weird didn't have a re-release....

    They're pretty equally massive in my opinion. To sell that many albums especially for a pop group these days is brilliant.
  6. Touch up for Best British Single...hopefully this wins or else it's a hate crime

    Nevermind I just saw the full list its not winning
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  7. Human will win, fucking joke!
  8. It's fan voted, so hopefully they win it. Easily one of the best singles of 2017.
  9. Best Single isn't fan voted anymore. Best Video is but I don't think they'll qualify
  10. Praying for Best Group
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  11. Hoping they pulled a trick to get them nominated for video somehow, but have the feeling best single is all we're going to get this year, which is crazy considering their domination.
  12. Ed or Rag and Bin man probably have it in the bag. Hopefully Dua or Little Mix win, but I have a feeling not. Even Strip That Down has a better chance than Touch
  13. Shape Of You has it sown up, surely? But great that they're nominated. Best Group is the one nomination I really want for them, though.
  14. No Best Group nom. So they really will just get the one, unless they looked at just UK views for Best Video and not overall views but I don't think thats how it works
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  15. Best Video it is.
  16. Pathetic.
  17. Meh at them not getting a Best Group nomination. I get that it comes down to a technicality, but they've bent the rules many times in the past.

    You'd think the most successful British group of the last year would get a nomination in the Best British Group category, but anyway.
  18. Honestly disgusted they did not get nominated for Best British Group. No other group last year had as much impact as them.
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