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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Sales plus streaming is what they mean I think?
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  2. I know, it's just that it's obvious Power hasn't sold 800,000, everyone knows it, not even Black Magic or Shout Out have. The complaint is just there for complaining purposes. Anyway.
  3. Oh my God.

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  4. What the actual fuck?
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  5. I really don't get Little Fix hate. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fan, they aren't the best singers or dancers but they are a tribute band so are bound to do/copy everything the Little Mix girls say and do. Who actually cares??? The LF girls are probably signed to an agent, get paid an alright wage, have a very very small amount of fans and do what they love. The hate is tiring- if they're causing no harm then leave it be.

    One thing though, a major A+ to who does their costumes and styling, I am impressed.
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  6. I admire their attention to detail.
  7. But what are they?
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  8. Finally some recognition for my favourite Little Mix ballad!
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  9. Sounds like you're a Little Fixer x
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  10. Tbh if I got offered a spot in the group, I'd take it. I spend 95% of my time doing the dance routines in my bed room anyway haha.
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  11. Suddenly i'm a Little Fixer x
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  12. These are cute, haha.



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  13. Today Little Mix have their first ever double platinum single. Congrats 'Shout Out To My Ex'.

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  14. Why that Little Fix thing sounds like Little Fucks with certain accents?
  15. So happy with all their recent certifications but I won’t be satisfied until Love Me Like You and No More Sad Songs are Platinum as well.

    I don’t know how much Touch and Black Magic are still selling weekly but realistically could they both go 2x Platinum by year end?
  16. I'd say there's a good chance of Touch and Black Magic hitting the 2xPlatinum mark soon. Black Magic is only 50K away and though Touch still has 115K to go, with hopefully the Brits stuff will kick in soon which well help it get nearer that total quicker.
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  17. Shout Out and New Rules getting double platinum in the same day.
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  18. Spotify:
    DNA: 174,430,244
    Salute: 226,227,050
    Get Weird: 701,850,046
    Glory Days: 995,862,011
    Others: 23,026,331

    TOTAL: 2,121,395,682
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  19. Not dissing the girls because I absolutely adore them but New Rules got there a lot quicker than Shout Out (and rightly so because NR is a super song). I just want Black Magic to be 2x Platinum. That’s their song!
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  20. Come back girls, I'm bored!

    I wonder if they'll go to the BRITs?
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