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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Do you have a link?
  2. I think we'll get another studio album this year and after that who knows. They've surpassed any expectations i have ever had of them i thought they were done after the Salute era which was a little hit and miss although Move was a pop gem.

    I wonder when the Glory Days Tour DVD is coming out...

    I honestly can't remember whose award it was played during, I want to say Walter Payton's. I was only half paying attention until I heard the beginning guitar riffs. Really not a whole lot to write about.
  4. Here's something

    Very late night talk show.
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  5. Leigh is doing some sort of interview at a radio station in Dubai this week, and an event as well.

    Solo Mix?
  6. Leigh Scott-Lee Mix
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  7. Leigh's manager: "You've come in at #36"

    Leigh: "But I was 19th on Today's Top Hits?"
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  8. Spotify:
    DNA: 175,230,262
    Salute: 227,376,638
    Get Weird: 705,186,784
    Glory Days: 1,007,321,380
    Others: 23,132,774

    TOTAL: 2,138,247,838
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  9. Or Lisa Scott-Leigh?
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  10. I am so excited for what they have up their sleeves next. We haven’t had new music since August, that’s gone quick.
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  11. November *
  12. Excluding the three Platinum Edition tracks... or are we pretending those didn't happen?
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  13. Is Your Love Enough better not be forgotten by them when they put together the setlist for their next tour.
  14. The 3 platinum edition tracks are better than most of the original album tracks.
  15. I like that they've disappeared for a few months. I am quite keen to see them back together now though.
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  16. I'm not eager for anything new right now, they've given the public a break which should hopefully work in their favour when they're ready to come back.
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  17. When is this tour DVD coming out?
  18. Yaaas meetings. Hurry back queens.

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  19. I saw this too but Leigh and Jade aren’t in the country are they?
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