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Little Mix - Holiday + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Hopefully it will start getting radio play as it gets nearer to Christmas, too. Even if it's not a big hit this year I can see it gradually becoming a staple over time, a la One More Sleep.
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  2. I wonder for how many albums they signed with RCA...
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  3. Now that thanksgiving is over I finally listened to this and it’s cute but not sure I see it becoming an annual Christmas smasha.
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  4. So today they’ll start updating this. I hope we get something big-ish like the video and/or tour dates for different countries at some point, but most of it will probably be little videos...
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  6. The video for One I’ve Been Missing is coming tomorrow at 8pm BST. Seems to have been filmed on tour, and contains some concert footage! Preview here:

  7. Already starting to rise nicely on iTunes. They need to be added to some big Christmas playlists now.
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  8. Bury him, girls.
  9. Yeah I’m a LM fan, but this isn’t going to be an annual Xmas staple.
  10. She looks great here

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  12. This was posted a couple pages back, and I want it to be true but there's still no source I can find on Google News and the initial post is still a South American LM fan account on Twitter.
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  13. Looks like a tour video by the thumbnail:
  14. Jade at the end! Cute video; wished it was more festive.
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  15. The video was clearly done on the cheap with their tour videographer... would of liked a proper video but I still like the song
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  16. The video isn’t too bad. I would’ve liked a group scene though, not just the tour bits. Hopefully it’ll do its job and help the song climb though.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. A video of them having fun by the fire would've been better to be honest. Hair was basic and it's one of their most replay worthy videos.
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  19. One I've Been Missing has some good parts but just as the melody is getting good, the next line is super un-melodic / cacophonic.
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  20. Yeah that's exactly how I feel; the chorus has a great melody but the "to the one I've been missing" lines are very anti-climatic.
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