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Little Mix - Holiday + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. It's like there was another co-writer who was taken off so some parts are like missing?
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  2. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it when artists put their partners in a music video... I just get the pre embarrassment for if things ever don’t work out like Rochelle and her ex in Forever is Over (thankfully he’s barely in it)
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  3. Only you remember that ex sis.
  4. What sound would you want them to pursue on LM6? I wonder if they’d go a bit more pop again since that’s where the public seems to receive them the best.
  5. I'd like to hear more Pop + R&B blends from them. Forget You Not and Boy are proof that they can pull it off.
  6. Hopefully they’ll continue the sound of LM5. Think About Us, Forget You Not, Strip, Wasabi and Monster in Me were a nice new sound from them. Hopefully they don’t go back to the Glory Days sound.
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  7. They can pull it off but we also need Ella to buy it.
  8. I always forget about how much of a tune Love a Girl Right is! Tbh, there’s tunes left right and center on LM5. It’s definitely their best album by a landslide for me and I’d love for a continuation of it - sorta like the progression from Sweetner to Thank U, Next.
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  9. Woman Like Me was a big hit in the UK and Wasabi showed it had potentital to be one as well, so I hope they don't take the commercial underperformance of the era as a whole as motivation to steer away from that sound...
  10. Perrie was in the studio today with Jin Jin and Cass Lowe.
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  11. I need Jin Jin to come through with their own Love Letter.
  12. New Christmas photo.
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  13. #simoncowellisover is currently trending worldwide as apparently there is a legal investigation happening over mistreatment of artists regarding contracts etc.

    Its going wild on Twitter (like properly viral) but can’t find any news article about it?

    EDIT: Its been kickstarted by Gabrielle Union and her representatives - QUEEN.
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  14. Jin Jin posted on instagram and it seems like all the girls were in the studio today.
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  15. #simoncowellisoveranalbumparty

    We love to see it.
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  16. I have a question about BST:
    I'm looking at tickets and Diamond VIP Hideaway is cheaper (174 GBP) than regular Diamond Circle (218 GBP) Why is this the case?
    As far as I know the VIP hideaway package includes the diamond circle ticket so it should be more expensive?
  17. My kind of party!
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  18. They're doing press today:

  19. It seems like a mistake. Grab them while you can!
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