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Little Mix - Holiday + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. They said on Comic Relief that it was postponed until later in the year - that was back in late March so not sure if they’re just going to wait until early 2021 now.
  2. Isn't this the second or third time something like this has happened to her? Ugh I'm so sorry for her she's literally the sweetest person, glad at least the staff defended her. I wish someone leaked the name of that scumbag...

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  3. Tweet has been deleted. What was it?
  4. I assume it was this
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  5. Can't see it
  6. Ah it’s been protected. Basically Leigh Anne posted this in a tweet and deleted it.

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  7. Probably under investigation.
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  8. Thanks
    That's terrible!
  9. I couldn't care less for the guest in this episode, but Jade and Norma are as always brilliant! They're absolutely hilarious and should be TV regulars as a comedic duo.
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  10. Break Up Song’s #23 amongst the Top 40 best selling singles (streams not included).

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  11. It was nearly 240k, three weeks ago, so it must be nearing the 300k mark.

    The fact that this could be gold, before the year is out, is such justice!
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  12. It’ll be a while but Break Up Song will probably just about reach platinum, no? It still sounds as new as the day I heard it, one of their top 3 songs for sure.
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  13. People are excited because the VMAs followed the girls’ group and inidividual accounts on Instagram today but I’m sure it’s just bait.

    Also this story posted by Jamie looks like it could be for them considering the amount of props and suitcases, besides the fact that he’s with Zack:

    Jesy was going somewhere at 6am so I think they’re definitely shooting something (either a video, a performance or the album cover).
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  14. They did say they received an important email recently didn't they?
  15. Yeah but Jade brought it up again recently and referred to it as a project/collaboration so I don’t think it’s be an award show.
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  16. Something's coming.
  17. The only reason I’d say is not bait is because Little Mix aren’t really a big enough name by US standards to bait people.
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  18. I guess the new single is really coming.

  19. Wow, my mind.
  20. Congrats, you're a genius!

    I hope the second single is another banger.
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