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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. With The BRITs coming next week and rumors about their next studio album starting to float around, thought it was time to open a new one.

    Camila sang it here:

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  2. I want something huge and crazy like Power please. More 'motorbike' hooks and big choruses than ever before.
  3. Little Mix are better than Ed Sheeran-penned Camila Cabello rejects. Don't do it, girls. Don't.
  4. Here for their magnum opus but the reality is we're getting Camila rejects penned by Ed Sheeran.
  5. We already have pop bangers 'Boy' and 'About The Boy'. Please tell Ed he can keep it.
  6. What an era Glory Days was, I hope this era will be even better.
  7. Ugh, I don't want Ed facking Sheeran anywhere near this album.

    Although he did co-write Your Song by Rita so maybe it's not all bad.
  8. Give me more songs like If I Get My Way, No More Sad Songs and Touch

    Give me wall to wall bops
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  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Can't wait, I hope they continue this imperial phase and push it further, I don't want them to ever end.

    Eh, I find Ed Sheeran's songwriting works for him but doesn't really for other artists, it's got his personal stamp all over it, I don't think he's got a knack for songwriting for other people (yet).

    I am curious to find out what direction the sound of the next album will go in, will they stick to pop or will they try and move in a different direction? I hope they take their time with it to get a great album and not throw themselves into two weeks of recording to get some great singles and lame filler tracks. No more immature shit like You Gotta Not, no songs with references that became dated the minute the album was released like Down and Dirty.
  10. I don't want Ed Sheeran near this album but The Boy sounds like a potential cute bop so I'm not opposed to this.
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  11. Anything Ed Sheeran related is not ideal, but he did write a passable bop for Rita so let’s just see what he gives them.
  12. I'll just toss in what we do know from the last thread. Electric have done several songs with them again but the overall sound of the album is/was still being defined. RAYE has several songs in with them, but as of late last year didn't know if any had been selected. The writers of Secret Love Song were at their writing camp in December. That's pretty much all I can think of so far.

    A full album with a vibe close to the platinum edition tracks would be good.
  13. I'd actually kind of be okay if they never came back with another album? It's just so tiring after three years of massive success to already be able to predict that their upcoming project will be a disappointment.
  14. This isn't how pop works.
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  15. I have no faith in the girls to deliver an album that is more than a few bops padded out with ten average tracks.
  16. I stan them and even I'm starting to lose hope they'll ever deliver an interesting and/or 10/10 album. Unpopular opinion: Salute doesn't quite reach that moniker because the production, while mostly good, sounds CHEAP as fuck.
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  17. That hook that she sings sounds 100% like a Little Mix song though. You can hear them singing it just from that tiny snippet.
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  18. I’m so excited for more tracks in a similar vein to “Power”,
    & “Beep Beep”!
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  19. It's very Wings...
  20. I understand where you're coming from in a way but even if the album isn't stellar, they always deliver at least a handful of brilliant pop songs. Isn't that worth looking forward to, even a tiny bit?

    Obviously it would be amazing if they stepped it back up to the level of Salute or even more, but I too have more realistic expectations these days.
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