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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. They’re not going to be there so they’re only spending maybe an hour of their time on all the video chats combined. This is the least they could do for the US fans who’ve been supporting them for years.
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  2. It's not like they're coming over here for months of promo or anything. They do have a legion of US fans and I think it's great that they're doing something for them.
  3. Mess I thought they were actually going over to the States. Which I stand by would've been a bad mood that close to their album release.
  4. @nomoresadsongs hate-stanning LM5 is me and Madonna when she was peddling Evita stuff for a year in 1996.
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  5. This, my brazilian sis. Very this.
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  6. Just say @RJF and A Star Is Born.
  7. Woman Like Me really is their worst lead single by a large margin isnt it? It's actually one of their few singles I'm really not that keen on. I thought maybe it would grow on me but if anything I like it even less now. Fingers crossed single number 2 is better.
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  8. This was my first thought...
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  9. Alleged track by track "review"
    I put review in quotes cause they don't give a lot of new information about the songs nor do they offer any opinions. Really just a rundown of the standard edition tracks but theres a few lyrics we haven't heard (or read) yet on their Instagram posts. It's from a really random website to be publishing the first glimpse of the album so I guess take it with a grain of salt.
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  10. If legit, that's such an annoying piece on an album. Not even the slightest opinion.

    Was this posted?
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  11. So the top 3 on Friday is going to be Little Mix, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. 20GayTeen snapped.
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  12. He was with her in Bilbao two days ago... So not sure about this...
  13. I've been reading a lot of fans over the past week saying she deleted his pics from instagram. But I don't remember any pics of them together being posted...
  14. It was from The Sun originally. Strange that it includes 'LM5 review' in the title but like you said no opinion is shared.
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  15. The Sun has published similar 'reviews' for other Modest!/Simon Jones clients pre- album release, so it's probably just part of the PR package.
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  16. More Than Words?
  17. Oh, God...
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  18. Collab Would be fire.
  19. I remeber it being mentioned they had a collab with a boyband and with a guy. Pretty sure it's BTS as this is what Little Mix did with CNCO and Nicki right before the announcement.

    Maybe the rumors about a Maluma collab are true too. I reckon they left them off the album so that it only had female collaborations, they even said in an interview that they had two or three male collabs...

    @Nissl do you know why this difference happens? Obviously it's not sabotage but I'm curious.
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  20. The fact some stans genuinely believe a massive corporation like YouTube would actually bother to delete the views of a girlband's music video is...something.
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