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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I wish they still had Best Live Act. They'd have to win that. Although the Glory Days tour wasn't as good as the others they're still an overall touring force.
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  2. If the next album is a mix of:

    Shout Out To My Ex
    Down & Dirty
    Your Love
    Nobody Like You
    No More Sad Songs
    Is Your Love Enough

    ... I'm happy!
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  3. I want another Move. I’m not gonna get it, but I want it.
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  4. I think the Platinum Edition tracks should be the sound the girls stick to for album 5. I think 'If I Get My Way' 'Is Your Love Enough' and 'Dear Lover' are all brilliant pop songs, that also sound quite varied..
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  5. I hope they switch things up completely, I'm tired of tropical and beat drops now
  6. I got a bit of a mystical/timeless sense off the platinum tracks and I'd love to see them push that farther, moving away from the more tired tropical elements. But I tend to like some variety on their albums. I certainly hope they bring along the strong production quality on those tracks.
  7. Here we go.
  8. No.
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  9. It feels surreal to think they’re on their fifth album.
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  10. March is good, I was concerned about them getting the ball rolling too quickly but if they aren't starting properly until March then I can't see us getting a single before summer at the earliest? Which gives them - and us - the break we all need. I hope they still attend the Brits, though. Nothing wrong with the odd public appearance to keep their profile from disappearing completely.
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  11. I guess they'll follow the same strategy of Get Weird which is good. I keep going on about it but I really want them to do a stadium tour next year and I'm talking the big ones!
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  12. Stadiums are the worst. No thanks.

    They don't start writing until March, but I'm sure lots is already written for them. March is probably more recording.

    I'd guess a single late May for the July tour. Summertime Ball, maybe even Big Weekend again?
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  13. Stadiums are rubbish to attend but great money makers for the artist, so swings and roundabouts I guess. I could see LM doing at least a couple of the big ones within the next year or two, but I doubt they'll abandon arenas completely.
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  14. Yeah, I think they'll definitely have a single out in time for the tour.
  15. I thought it had been confirmed they're going to the Brits? I wonder how it'll pan out, they've been #1 consistently throughout the voting but on the night is so different isn't it like a different hashtag, one vote only and probably a lot of fans for other artists will come out from the wood works.
  16. Give us another Competition, queens.
  17. Would be great if we did.

    Power is the closest song they've released since that reminded me of Move.

    Doesn't sound anything like it obviously but it had that wacky kind of all over the place production that made the song quirky and gave it that golden Little Mix stamp.

    Like you, I'd love another Move but failing that, I'll gladly take another Power.

    Or Touch because Touch is THAT song.
  18. What promo?
  19. They're headlining a Japanese festival in mid-March and one of the Australian stations they're friendly with suggested they would be making a promo run around then as well several weeks ago (inconveniently I can't find the tweet anymore.) It might not be the start of official promo, it could just be setting some things up and doing a little unofficial promo to ramp up the buzz.
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  20. Private Show is still the one.
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