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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. I didn't say the headphones were in his ears.
  2. When 99% of the drag acts in London sing live, you have to prepare x
  3. I wouldn't know babes, I never get booked.
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  4. That's never stopped you before

  5. The level of Notice unappreciation. Far too much.
  6. Ariana reposted Perrie's story. I love this sudden friendship.
  7. They’ve interacted on instagram more in the past two weeks than they did throughout the entire Dangerous Woman tour.
  8. Does anyone know why Woman Like Me's daily views have increased over the last days? It made roughly 2M every day.

    Side note: Wasabi has more streams than Think About Us on Spotify.
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  9. Not going to lie, I would love for The Cure to be performed on Strictly. I think it would suit it perfectly.
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  10. What are they up to? They all were in full glam in Leigh's stories...
  11. Someone on Twitter said Celeb Juice....
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  12. They pre recorded their Strictly performance.
  13. Hope it wasn't Woman Like Me.
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  14. I thought this too but then Jade has said in a couple interviews that Ariana is the celeb she texts the most and then Frankie obviously adores the girls.

    I wonder if they were closer on that tour than was ever thought.

    A beautiful friendship it is though!
  15. It's a good idea for when they play Jess or Rita tbh.
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  16. That seems really early... you sure? If it was today surely it was Woman Like Me because they didn't rehearse anything else.
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  17. Yep 100% they were stood in the Strictly corridors earlier. Rod Stewart pre recorded his weeks ago and it's broadcasted tomorrow, Jess Glynne pre recorded a few weeks in advance also. It's not unusual for SCD.

    Celebrity Juice's last episode of the series was a few weeks ago so they won't be on that this time round either.
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  18. Gorgeous

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  19. I wonder why there is no European or Australian promo.

    Other than one performance at The Dome next week, is there anything else?

    For the last 2 eras, they did quite a fair amount of promo in both markets and this albums launch has had none.
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