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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Full video of the interview:
  2. dddd I really want them to do a stadium tour once just to prove that they can sell that many tickets.
  3. They've proven they can sell that many tickets though by doing 50+ UK shows a year. I think a mix of 50 arenas and small stadiums is better than one night at Wembley.
  4. Girl you know what I mean, I want them to do it purely because that's another achievement under their belt. Why do 50 shows when you can do 10? I prefer arenas to stadiums too but these girls shouldn't need to do 50+ shows every single year
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  5. Yeah I mean seeing them fill a legit stadium would be great for their career, not great for me being front row multiple times though. Selfish!
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  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Will Jesy learn a new pose for this album campai- oh never mind
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  8. I would... not like them to come back before Q4. They can do these summer shows with their eyes closed and it doesn't need any kind of new single to support ticket sales. They just need time away from the public eye - even if it's 6 months - so they can actually come back with a bang again.
  9. By the time they come back around May/June it'd have been 6 months though, wouldn't it?
  10. I'd say come back with a massive summer single then lead into the album with a second single. They have BGT and X Factor to promote that.
  11. That is...not a good look on Jesy so let’s hope that’s not for anything LM related
  12. So, I've been extremely bored and was watching the Glory Days documentary and then read previous posts about potential stadiums and got thinking about what their 2019 tour should look like and decided to create what I think they should/could do. What do you think?

    (Yes, I've had that much of a pathetic 30 minutes)


    Belfast - Windsor Park
    Dublin - Croke Park
    Glasgow - Hampden Park
    Sunderland - City Of Light Stadium
    Manchester - Ethiad Stadium
    Birmingham - St Andrews Stadium
    Cardiff - Millenium Stadium
    London - Wembley Stadium
    Amsterdam - Ziggo Dome
    Paris - Zenith
    Barcelona - Palau Sant Jordi
    Antwerp - Lotto Arena
    Vienna - Gasometer
    Stockholm - Ericsson Globe
    Oslo - Spektrum
    Zurich - Hallenstadion
    Copenhagen - Forum
    Cologne - Lanxess Arena
    Lisbon - Campo Pequeno
    Milan - Mediolanum Forum


    Tokyo - Tokyo International Forum
    Okinawa - Okinawa Convention Center
    Jakarta - Convention Exhibition
    Singapore - Indoor Stadium
    Manila - SM Mall of Asia Arena


    Auckland - Spark Arena
    Perth - Perth Arena
    Adelaide - AEC
    Brisbane - Entertainment Centre
    Melbourne - Rod Laver Arena
    Sydney - Qudos Bank Arena


    Sao Paolo - Citibank Hall
    Rio de Janeiro - Citibank Hall
    Belo Horizonte - KM de Vantagens Hall
    Buenos Aires - Luna Park
    Santiago - Movistar Arena
    Mexico City - Teatro Metropolitan

    If they plan on going to the States at all in 2019 then I think they should do something like:


    New York - Highline Ballroom
    Boston - Wilbur Theater
    Minneapolis - First Avenue
    Chicago - House of Blues
    Dallas - Granada Theater
    Orlando - Beacham Theatre
    Phoenix - Crescent Ballroom
    Los Angeles - El Rey Theater

    I can't believe how bored/pathetic I am right now that I just sat and did all that but...I mean...I think that could work?

    I also don't expect them to sell out the international venues by any means but I think they could potentially fill a lot of them by a good/fair amount.
  13. Overexposure can hurt. I think they should wait to release a new single after the Summer tour.
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I'd just like them to take their time and come back with an album that's a huge step up in quality, their lead single will get a massive amount of exposure anyway so I feel like they can take longer to produce the goods instead of rushing to get stuff out to keep the momentum going - their last three singles sold in the UK with next to no promotion across all three, they've secured their status as an A-List pop act here.
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  15. None of what Leigh said in that interview above really filled me with much confidence in a vastly improved output from them. 'More of the same/fun/inspirational/girl power'.

    Whilst I shouldn't be surprised, even just phrases like 'the album is out this year/we start writing it in March when we go back to work' are just so clinical. I understand that it's the nature of the industry for a pop act like themselves, but they're literally a cash cow for their label, and the way they are forced to approach their work is reflected so strongly in their output. Quick, get another album in before Ella discovers Khalid etc.
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  16. Too late. Ella also bops to Fifth Harmony from time to time and she got a notification to listen to his duet with Normani last week.
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  17. I wonder if they’ll attend the Brits tomorrow.
  18. I think they've been confirmed.
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  19. Jade posted on her story she was doing her nails "in time for the BRITs".
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  20. *voice of Wendy Williams*

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