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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. Yeah I wouldn't like to swear to it being 100% live but it definitely was for the most part. Jade hit a dodgy note at one point which surprised me as she's usually flawless. But I thought Leigh sounded great. A lot better than Jesy actually.
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  2. Yeah, I was really impressed with Leigh actually.
  3. Then it was really really good.
  4. You can see Perrie singing live here, she does some whoas in that chorus different than the studio version, there's a backing track though.

  5. Loved the performance. Jesy giving me Faith (from Buffy) vibes with that look.
  6. They need a new party trick.
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  7. That 1 minute acappella of How Ya Doin they do is far more impressive.
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  8. That performance completely sold me on Think About Us being a single, and their performances always only get better so that being their first is impressive.

    Plus the middle 8 of the song is weak so the feature addition is appreciated.
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  9. Honestly, they haven’t turned in an actual bad performance since the early weeks of X Factor.
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  10. I don’t even think it’s a single.. Jesy just said she ‘loved performing this one’ - if it was a single it would have been announced by now!? Unless their team really are that much of an absolute mess at the moment.
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  11. I mean they filmed a music video. I wanted to wait for an official announcement too, but I think that ship has sailed. It’s definitely a single.
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  12. Graham called it a single right before they performed as well.
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  13. The live performance of Think About Us really made me like the song. I used to think “what’s the hype” but it’s such a serviceable bop.

    Loved their whole styling too. Perrie looked amazing and smashed those vocals. They worked their solo lines really well. That duo moment with Leigh and Pez was real cute too.
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  14. I know but they also filmed a music video for Strip and More Than Words. It just doesn’t seem right, what would be the benefit of not announcing it as a single yet? Jesy tonight has called it ‘this one’ too.
  15. Those too acted as a push for streams on the release week. Filming a video and getting a rap feature a month later screams it is the next single.
  16. We still don’t know about a rap feature for but yeah they wouldn’t waste their time on filming a video at this point.
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  17. Yeah I’d like to think it is but I just feel it’s such a shame to go from two killer eras to one that feels this messy and unorganised. It’s pretty poor of their team in my opinion and I just find it really frustrating because it shouldn’t be like this.
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  18. I mean, Get Weird had the Secret Love Song video mess, and Glory Days the same with Touch, they literally filmed the video in October and it was released in late January...they weren't exactly organized either.
  19. It's kind of a kii that their smoothest sailing era was DNA nn
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  20. I miss the days when you knew a single was a single.
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