Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

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Honestly, they haven’t turned in an actual bad performance since the early weeks of X Factor.
They had a horrible 'Power' performance at some Formula 1 event last year with a dead crowd, Perrie's voice sounding completely exhausted, other girls being a bit off and technical issues. It was genuinely the only 'bad' performance I've ever saw from them.
the thing I don't understand is why does L.Anne insists on recording super difficult notes in the studio and then never doing them live.

That bums me out too. She’s proven that she has the ability to hit them, it’s not studio trickery, but she either gets too nervous live or too winded from dancing and backs off. I’d rather a modified melody that sounds good than a bum high note but still — she gets a lot of epic moments in the studio recordings that are often not delivered live.


It' so odd that they haven't announced international tour dates prior to Christmas.

I keep wondering what places will be announced and what kind of venues they’ll go for.

They upgraded some of the European & Oceania venues significantly from 2016 and 2017 but they dropped Spain strangely and they’ve yet to add Latin America.

Fingers crossed this is the tour that does It!
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