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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. My two favs together! Jesy and Jade are HILARIOUS, I just love them
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  2. Hopefully this won’t turn into an Olly Murs situation where they perform at the nominations announcement but don’t actually get any nominations. Also, does anyone ever perform at both this and the actual awards?
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  3. I'm praying they're on the main stage, the festival's set to announce a B Stage performer tonight. I fear it might be them. Sigh.
  4. I think Liam Payne performed at both this year? Hopefully it's a package deal.
  5. He did but that was only as a part of Rita’s medley. I guess we’ll see. Really hope they perform the night of the awards but knowing them, they’d perform Woman Like Me again and we really don’t need that.

    Update: In 2016 years ago, Jess Glynne performed on her own at both shows. She’s performing this year to at the announcement and both her and Little Mix are names that I can’t see the Brit’s saying no to if they wanted to perform at both.
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  6. I mean, it’s in the Brits best interest for them to perform on the main show.
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  7. Isn’t Woman Like Me basically a lock for a Best British Video nomination or am I misinformed?
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  8. Probably but I forgot about that category. I was thinking about Best British Group.
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  9. Is British Single not a possibility too?
  10. That ones based on sales, so I’m not sure it qualifies sadly. I reckon they’ll be nominated for Best British Group and Video.
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  11. Oh I thought it's sales would be enough. But I guess it's good since maybe they won't have to perform Woman Like Me then? Especially if they do it at the announcement gig. Give us BRITs performance, video and everything Think About Us related in january and get a smash.
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  12. Well...always worth remembering that this exists

    The intro with the girls in the eyes...the fierce opening with Perrie's Cherlite vocals...the new mix...all four looking absolutely flawless...the power and determination in their eyes...the CD vocals backtrack...Perrie nailing choreo for the first time ever

    what a time to be alive.

    Its also sad they scrapped this on (their best) tour after one show
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  13. Finally watched their Graham Norton performance. LOVE Think About Us, and I love them so I'm not saying this to be hateful but how often do they usually lipsync their performances? I know they can sing but there were a couple of points in the performance where the vocals weren't 100% matching up with their lips, but it didn't sound like the studio version of the song. Are they known to record "live" vocals to sing along to later? Like Leigh-Anne during Woman Like Me on X Factor, for instance.
  14. Ballads/Slower songs (like Secret Love Song) are almost always 100% live. They pretty much always lip sync the chorus of every song that requires dancing. Aside from that, it varies song to song, and some songs they've changed what they sing / what they don't - for example songs like Hair they used to lip sync most of it, but after a time they just lip synced the chorus. They've gotten more slick with it after the Salute Tour, where people noticed it was literally just the album track playing at times.

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  15. We stan their best performance.
  16. I just love both of these pairings together!
  17. I’ve watched the performance several times and genuinely didn’t notice this? When did you see it?
  18. Some of Jade's little vocal runs.
  19. 'Woman Like Me' fell from the top ten out of the top 40 completely today. I guess it hit ACR the same week that all the Christmas songs climbed? Hopefully it'll climb back in next week.

    EDIT - It was #41 and the album was down to #16. Get a move on with the next single girls.
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  20. They played Wasabi! In the gay club! That I literally haven’t gone in in well over three years and have only entered to as one off. What a treat!
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