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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. Same. I think this might be my favorite remix though.
  2. "rent-a-rapper" when most of Ty's material is R&B centric, the ignorance has jumped out.
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  3. Yeah let’s retire that term please?
  4. Bit of a fail there not getting the song on New Music Friday.
  5. Not on New Music Friday, spelling Ty Dolla $ign wrong on that cover art...get it together production!
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  6. They left that do you think bout vocodered vocal in the new version:

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  7. It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it's definitely a bit of an oops moment for Spotify or the label or whoever messed up when they're on New Music Friday Japan and Australia etc.
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  8. To make it worse, after they finally got it right with the volume on LM5, the remix is considerably lower than the other songs on the platform. I played it on Spotify and American Boy played right after, the latter was much louder than the former. This is such a stupid thing, it always makes the song pale in comparison to others when people listen it in the middle of a playlist, besides being annoying.
  9. They’re on the first column on Apple Music’s “Hot Songs” section which is...something I guess?
  10. I'm creased, beyond sloppy. How difficult is it as a graphic designer to google a name.
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  11. Ty is not even really a damn rapper ....
  12. What? Is he not?
  13. Not really he’s like a Hip Hop singer if that makes sense .
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  14. He started as one and hip-hop elements are still all over his music, but he's mostly singing nowadays.

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  15. Ahh, now I remember. I listened to that album.

    That cover though. Island Tycoon realness.
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  16. New Music Friday may add it later on today. I've seen instances where songs are added a few hours later or the next day should it not have been picked up the first time.
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  18. It feels like Ty was always meant to be on this, his voice fits so well and I love the little flourishes they've added to this version.

    One of their best single releases, imo.
  19. Yeah it’s already doing decently on iTunes and airplay. Hopefully it’ll be a top 10 or very least top 15 for them.
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  20. Little Mix: “Do you think about us?”
    Spotify: “No”
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