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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Apparently they're presenting an award tomorrow night?
  2. Best Group for the kiis.
  3. Well it'll be worth it just for another group picture, I think I sort of started missing them already.
  4. I want tracks like:
    Black Magic, Touch, No More Sad Songs, Is Your Love Enough, (Reggeaton Lento Remix), and a tiny bit of Power.
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  6. This is always a tricky one for me in regards to cultural appropriation because if someone is using a style of a certain culture as a gimmick (e.g. A Halloween costume), I don't really agree with it.

    However, if someone is genuinely embracing another culture, then shouldn't that be a positive thing in regards to equality and diversity?
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  7. Well...
  8. You are being insensitive and it's not ridiculous. They make a fair point.
  9. Agree or not, every 15 to 25 year old knows this a no-go zone right now. There are many other hairstyles.
  10. Exactly this. Regardless of personal opinions it's just plain stupid to wear this hairstyle as a young white woman right now. She should have avoided it.

    Also - I am fully for everyone doing what they want with their bodies, but the lips are a little much, no? It's all a stark contrast to her body positivity message on the X Factor.
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  11. B5CA7E3C-149D-4198-BCC8-FCA4D07A2167.png
    Completely agree with you. I just went on the dailymail article for it expecting the top comments to be bashing her, I didn’t expect these at all.
  12. It's 2018 and you guys still don't see the problem?

    Again personal opinions aside, black people have the right to be offended. Not all black people find this offensive, but many do for good reason.

    It's not like Jesy has ever been vocal about black issues, or really anything political for that matter. I understand that people might be bothered with her silence, yet still using their culture for a look.

    But if that still needs to be explained to you in 2018 I don't really know what to say.

    Using Daily Mail comments as some sort of...validation of your opinion says a lot about your opinion.
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  13. Daily Mail comments also frequently go off about how ugly and bony Jade is, how Perrie is fat, how they're all ugly sluts...not to mention non Little Mix articles on their trash site where all the commenters want immigrants to leave the U.K., and how gay people are "unnatural"
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  14. You do realise these are all by #ALLLIVESMATTER people? They don't care about Jesy they just want to extend their privilege.
  15. Wasn’t using them as validation. Was just surprised by the comments as like I said, DailyMail usually slates these girls left, right and centre and I thought this would be the same situation.

    We’ll agree to disagree though, for me it’s her hair and she can do as she pleases and I fully believe she wouldn’t have posted it if she even thought for a second it would cause so much offence. Leigh-Anne hasn’t let it bother her anyway.
  16. If Daily Mail readers don't find it offensive...It's probably offensive.

    The paper's 99.9% white demographic don't get to make calls as to what people of colour might or might not find offensive or problematic?
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  17. Leigh doesn't represent the entire black community? That's incredibly flawed logic. It just seems like you're a little bit ignorant on the issue but whatever, you are entitled to an opinion.

    For you it's just hair- but unless you're black that's not for you to say?
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  18. I know she doesn’t but if Jesy even thought she was being offensive, Leigh-Anne is in her band and would be the last person she’d want to upset as it’s a bit close to home etc.

    Okay that’s not for me to say then and I’m not saying how they feel, but you don’t see people going off when it’s the other way round.
  19. Is this the first time you've had this argument? Is this the first time you've seen this issue? Leigh has been ignorant herself at times, such as how she defended her boyfriend's homophobic comments.

    Surely in 2018 I don't need to explain to you cultural appropriation? Your comment about people not "going off when it's the other way around" suggests you really don't see the issue.

    Nobody has ever talked to you about how black people feel like they have to style their hair like white people to fit in, get jobs, etc?

    It's not my job or place to explain this to you, and while I want to say you have the right to an opinion you're being very ignorant. I don't want to make assumptions about you but clearly you're quite sheltered and complacent on the issue.
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