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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. What does this even mean?
  2. This is giving me when Marc Jacobs posted a photo of Beyoncé with a blonde wig on teas
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  3. Hahaha queue the angry teens ranting how Lucy and Lydia are using LM for fame.
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  4. Not Little Problematics making people show their asses again, whew't.
  5. Here we go...
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  7. Again, not everything has to be about stealing/appropriating culture - I work in the Holistic / healing area and on a daily/weekly/monthly basis work with hundreds if not thousands of people in all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds - many of whom have dreadlocks. And they where them for a multitude of reasons.

    I think the articles I posted clearly explain that the origin of dreadlocks goes back a very long way and are used multiple cultures - it is your choice if you choose to be offended by a pop star wearing them, as you believe you solely own them in your culture.
  8. I don't think we should do this.
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    There's also lots of articles as to why dreads aren't okay for white people. We could also get into how their hair naturally has a different texture, so dreads are actually not clean and bad for white hair.

    And even if you think its okay for white people to have dreads- its also okay for black people to think they shouldn't! And some posts on here were silencing that opinion and claiming dreads are "just hair," which to many people they are more than that and represent something.

    You can read up on how black people face discrimination for wearing dreads, and there's even laws in the US that make it legal to fire someone for just wearing they're natural hairstyles.

    You can give a massage to a white person with dreads and share some links, it doesn't make you right or add anything to the argument.
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  10. Again, go back to my original post - I actually wanted information on why it was inappropriate, thanks I'll have an read - Its nice how friendly and educational people are on this forum - again its is a forum no? so about discussion and education??
  11. Can't wait for this album. Like their last two have literally never left my music playlist.
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  12. Although I am not a complete expert on the matter, I thought I could help some members understand the "mechanics" of cultural appropriation. When looking like something like cultural appropriation its easy to focus on the thing that is being appropriated and not the larger system that this is a part of. Western culture has been appropriating aspects of cultures that belong to ethnic bodies, particularly, those of black folk, but rarely assigns it to its original meaning or purpose. Instead, cultural artifacts are misinterpreted in a racist dialogue that reassigns cultural aspects to fit a white narrative. This is not to say that every cultural artifact has some "special meaning". Where it gets problematic is when black people get treated differently where wearing their natural hair in the ways that they desire compared to when white people do the same. There have been recent cases in America where black students have been told that their natural hair is "distracting" in a classroom setting and even been asked to leave class because of this.

    Oftentimes cultural appropriation occurs when a culture with more socio-economic power takes aspects of cultures with less socio-economic power. In many ways, cultural appropriation is a form of disempowerment. Over time, this disempowering of ethnic groups leads to a cultural erasure – a process where a cultural aspect is diluted to the extreme until the remnants of the original culture are practically non-existent. And as much as I worship the ground that Little Mix walks on, I can only identify how this can be problematic. Of course Jesy did not have the intention to be offensive or appropriative, many times people don't have that intention. But I think it is important for her and the other people in the Little Mix camp to be aware of these things, especially in the time period we're living in now. I hope this elucidates this matter a bit.
  13. Well like I've said 4 or 5 times now...if in 2018 you're still sheltered and ignorant on why dreads aren't a good look on white people- I don't know what to say? Also as a white person its not really my place to educate you. You look like an adult, you should probably have read up on this by now?

    Its a forum, yes. About pop music. If you want to talk about race relations/race issues there's other forums, even other areas on this forum. I do agree that if the conversation comes up on here we should be able to talk about it- but if people are going to be really ignorant and say the article is "ridiculous" and proceed to post DailyFail comments, its going to get messy.
  14. People are really defending cultural appropriation? Come the fuck on.
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  15. Part of the problem with these things is people acting like there are universally accepted definitions for everything considered 'inappropriate' especially when perceptions of these things change by the day, even among black people.

    There are black people who think there's nothing wrong with white people wearing dreads/braids/African prints as long as they aren't making a caricature out of them, and there are those who think they shouldn't wear them at all. Even the discrimination part is an amorphous thing because there's division as to whether pressure should be put on the media and other institutions not to discriminate against black people who wear these hairstyles etc, versus calling out individual white people who do as it's not the fault of Jesy (for example) if Giuliana Rancic goes on Fashion Police and mocks Zendaya for wearing dreads.

    Both sides have valid points and someone saying "I don't think this is cultural appropriation by the definition I've heard" is different from someone saying "fuck you and anybody who cares".
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