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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I love Jades green look in one of the other shots
  2. Jade is everything. Every look we've seen is perfection.
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  3. "Bounce Back".

    The Stacie Orrico cover we've all been waiting on.
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  4. In a communal office space in a hotel in Manchester and they're playing American Boy. Queens of conference real estate.
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  5. Okay but I would actually love this?

    Disappointed this isn't the start of an album campaign (ddd, sorry LM5) but I'm perched for whatever comes next.
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  7. We know they've also worked with Kuk Harrell and Victoria Monet on different tracks, so they have more stuff going on.
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  8. I wasn't allowed to write it in the article but was told that is the case.
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  10. Ha! And now they're playing I Told You So. Which one of you connected your Spotify to the speakers in this place?
  11. I know they're habitually guilty of teasing/hyping things too much before release, but this time it actually feels like its been teased forever. I love Little Mix and I'm sure I'll love the single but next time I really hope they give us a break because this is exhausting.
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  12. Another video entirely spoiled!
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  13. A page for every day they've been teasing Bounce Back.
  14. I'm liking it, I prefer it over Woman Like Me, but it's very much in the vein of what Little Mix have been doing recently. It's much more a Touch than a SOTME.
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  15. Thank you. That’s all I needed to hear!!!
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  16. I'm curious to how long promo will be going for since they delayed the Australian tour over it.
  17. K94


    Getting a little bored tbh - I'm now at peace sort of with them not building on 'Salute' but the formula is getting tired. Their stuff doesn't even need a reinvention - just a slight switch up but I'll wait regardless.
  18. Two days.
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