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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Noo, don't worry!

    I imagined you meant the vertical video, just asked because I played it and it didn't show to me!
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  2. I would spend all my savings to join dining with Little Mix.
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  3. It's probably just the millionth teaser.
  4. But didn't they even add a second date for the OZ leg? That's why I find the "low tickets sales" thing weird.
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  5. Why did the thread title change when 700 pages of it were about LM5?
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  6. They only doubled one date I believe. It's hard to be sure without seat maps, but it seemed like the venues were moderately sold, which explains why they didn't move any venues or cut any dates. In general LM5 was a non-event in Australia, tickets are a bit more expensive than the UK tour, and Syco going cheap on the international shows last time around can't have helped.

    Hopefully this means they will bring the UK tour production over there this time.
  7. I think I read somewhere they said they would this time? Not sure if it was just the girls wishful thinking but they seemed sure of it.
  8. They confirmed the European leg would have the same show as the UK. Australia is literally right after the UK leg ends so I can see it being the same show.
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  9. Is Little Mix's career in that sad of a state that the cold dead corpse of Fifth Harmony is the only hurdle they can jump over now? ddd

    Queens of being the biggest girl group in the world the Northern hemisphere the Anglosphere the UK.
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  10. no idea, someone else brought Fifth Harmony up as a bench mark, I simply stated that Little Mix are still miles above what Fifth Harmony were doing.
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  11. They are. The seat maps show a B-stage, which is something they've never had here.
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  12. why didn’t any of y’all make a new thread for the era since the 37 years since this single first started being teased?
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  13. I know the assumption is always ticket sales when dates get rescheduled (for good reason) but considering an insider on here has stated they’re dropping more new music throughout the year, maybe they’re making some changes to the show and would rather launch with the UK dates in the fall than in 3 weeks from now? It’s not like they pushed the AUS leg out a full year, they’re playing all the same arenas in the same cities a few months later.

    Although, I guess they could have said that in their note if it were the case ddd.
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  14. There is no B-stage showing on the seating maps on Ticketmaster, where did you see this?
  15. Perrie is giving me reverse Morticia Adams teas.

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  16. I wonder if this is being released in certain areas of the world today or if it is a worldwide release tomorrow.
  17. As they haven’t announced a specific time for the release, it should be out in some areas today.
  18. It’ll be out in New Zealand in one hour, then.

    Yesterday I played Glory Days and I think I like Oops now.
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  19. Who’s running their Twitter now? I’m cackling.

    They had posted some pictures, then deleted them and posted again.

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