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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I certainly didn't defended it, I asked a question about it and it was more about why dreads were cultural appropriation, base on articles I had read it didn't make sense - maybe my wording wasn't the best, but it was more about education. If people prefer to get aggressive and have a go at someone for trying to learn. and to the comment @nomoresadsongs about my age - this has nothing to do with age, but to do with community, and mine is Holistic, we are about healing, caring and acceptance about love and respect - and like a said hundreds of people in this community wear dreads, I was trying to get some understanding of why that was a negative thing.. not start an argument.

    @SiduousIII thank you that makes sense, I appreciate it.
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  2. She must be aware of it being a talking point so surely she won't have the dreads at the Brits tonight.
  3. I hope Thorgy Thor is reading this thread.
  4. Yeah it does have a lot to do with age. If you were 13 I would understand you defending her, but you look at least in your 20s so I would guess you would be a little more cultured and have a greater understanding on the issue.

    I don't see anyone being aggressive towards you either so maybe you're being a little sensitive? Just because you weren't showered with love and emojis and happy GIFs doesn't mean people were being aggressive. People just disagreed with you.
  5. Seriously, I give up with you.. you seem to clearly want to have an argument. I did not defend her in anyway and at no point did I agree with her wearing them, I asked for information on to why it was inappropriate and actually the articles you posted were very enlightening - so I do actually thank you for providing them.

    And Hun, I'm seriously not upset about anything - just trying to understand the attitude you chose to take with me

    Ps I'm a lot older than that and I'm still learning stuff every day.. and we all learn stuff until the day we leave this earth, so I'm very open to leaning about issues.. we can't know everything - Nobody knows everything!
  6. Point me to the part of my post where I said that YOU defended it.

    There are people in this thread trying to make a case for why it is okay for her to wear her hair like that.
  7. Didn't say you did Hun, sorry if it came across that way. I apologise
  8. Funny that this Little Mix/dreadlocks/cultural appropriation discourse was brought up in the Steps thread before this one and of COURSE it was brushed off with "god! it's ridiculous!" "but multiculturalism!" "so glad Steps were big before PC culture!" "everything is racist!"

    But was I surprised?

  9. @munro he's come for your gig!
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  11. Trust me you can keep her, I'm off to meditate with my crystals and realign my chakras!
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  12. Jesy's hair is straight today and Leigh has dreadlocks.
  13. Oh one of those. Mess.
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  14. To whoever said Leigh should say something - Perrie's been putting dreads on her hair for years and it never seemed to bother Leigh, but I also don't know why it's the black woman's fault that her white friends do this shit?
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  15. With all the activity in this thread I thought there must be exciting news around the BRITS. Dayum, no performance tonight?
  16. I cannot believe having dreads can cause this kind of PR. What is wrong with British society? I’ve never experienced such a thing here in NL.

    It’s just a hairstyle?!
  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Sis the point people are making is that it's not just a hairstyle
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  18. It's not British society, this is a big conversation in America too. If this is news to you that's your ignorance, not something wrong with "British society"
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    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Can we turn Jesy's photo face into an outrage so she changes that too?
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