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Little Mix - LM5 + Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Just popping in to say while I've never properly stanned (semi-briefly during Get Weird), I'm so grateful they're still active. Their material still hasn't matched their talent level but the overall vibe of the group is just so strong they're a treasure.
  2. A Christmas single at the point - while they're still big enough to make it a success - is a good business idea, especially if they can get a writing credit on it.
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  3. Their Christmas single is called “One I’ve Been Missing” and it’s a ballad.
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  4. Is this insiders or is there a source somewhere?

    I wonder if it'll be out this Friday or next?
  5. Is it an original then?
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  6. Not sure on the release date
  7. Ooh I'm glad it's an original, I hope it's a stunner!
  8. Love Me Like You; Christmas Mix 2019 for Christmas number 1 please.
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  9. Aaargh I'm so excited, this is exactly what I was hoping for. An original and a ballad!
  10. This could do very well for them with the right push and if the song is great.

    It could be a song that charts every year for them around December!
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  11. They're a big enough name to make it a 'One More Sleep' type success if they play their card right.
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  12. This is a seriously good idea. If it’s good and they promote and it has a good video..... did I I hear someone say 5th Number One?
  13. Omg hope this smashes for them. If it has that instant classic feel as soon as you listen, then they’re onto a winner. Hopefully they’re smart about it and don’t overtry because that’s when you can disconnect with the public. Like, Bounce Back was a tune but I always felt like it was an over thought tune and that’s where it suffered.
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  14. I found the registration on APRA AMCOS. It wouldn’t show the full list but writers include Jez Ashurst (Secret Love Song, Woman’s World), Rachel Furner (Secret Love Song, American Boy, Woman’s World), Tre Jean-Marie (Told You So), Sinéad Harnett and Leigh Anne.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. With all this talk of a Christmas song, I've been trying to find the video of the girls performing Love Me Like You on...Alan Carr? I can't remember but they wore red Santa costumes a la Mean Girls and I believe it was the Christmas mix. They also did Black Magic I think.

    Does anyone have these videos? I've tried YouTube and Vimeo.
  17. Last week, the Twitter account DM’d few fans and asked for their address to receive something special.

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  18. It sounds pretty!
    I wonder if we will get a snippet for each of the other girls in the next 3 days and the song will be released 9n Friday?

  19. This sounds excellent! I was a bit worried when I read ballad
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