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Little Mix - LM5 The Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Electivirer, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Perhaps last minute cuts of things that didn't go well during dress rehearsal?
  2. I hope it's not one of those productions that are different every night because they design a giant stage and then half the booked venues physically can't fit everything in, because they're a tad annoying.
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  3. Why do they never perform DNA????
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  4. Because they have zero taste in their own material.
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  5. They pay the whole album dust bar Wings, and that's only because it was (or at least they consider it to be, poor Cannonball) their first single. They've been phasing out Salute and Get Weird for a while now too.
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  6. So we can expect them to add Change Your Life and Little Me to the setlist? Great.
  7. It would be nice for them to include a toilet break.
  8. Can I just say...

    I'm sorry for what I said about Jesy trying to be interesting by doing the documentary. I clearly under-estimated her personal experience and what she went through in the early days of the group. Obviously it's an issue that's needs to be talked about and it seems it was very well received.

    My only gripe was that people on here took my ill-informed comment and instead of engaging in a debate/conversation decided to get personal and that wasn't necessary.
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  9. Love this performance, the vocals are everything.
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  10. Screaming

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  11. Ugh, I'm on their side but posts like that are so cringey and make them look like a bunch of schoolgirls making an aimed status at someone on their Facebook page. Just ignore him and don't give him attention.
  12. Yeah, they shouldn’t have given attention to that person again.
  13. Anything with a fan in the routine and I'm sold! (Think Steps with It's The Way You Make Me Feel and Girls Aloud with Long Hot Summer)

    I think Wasabi will, of course, be the highlight of the show. They should make the fans available was part of their merch. I think they'd be very popular!

    Hopefully we will get the full scale show soon, it's its to be believed by the tweet earlier today. I'd like to see Move back in the setlist, and perhaps another track from LM5?
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  14. Mvnl

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    Did not see the full thing here yet, but love everything about it. They really should put out a tour video of it.
  15. There's a B-stage etc as well. The Australian seating maps show one.

    I think the venue in Madrid was too small to accomodate it?
  16. There's a fan that's part of their merch, however it isn't a simple coloured one.
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  17. Please let it be the full show tonight.
  18. Full show (if it even exists) will be for UK dates.
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  19. Let a girl dream Vas
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  20. Ziggo Dome is big enough. Premier a full (2 hour) show and make Ella's my dreams come true.
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