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Little Mix - LM5 The Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Electivirer, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Yeah I think she was overwhelmed with all the love she’s getting, it’s more clear in this vid. It’s what she deserves.

  2. I had the best time tonight. The girls were amazing and the crowd was very loud singing back basically every single word.

    The moment they got emotional during Told You So/The Cure was very special. Jesy is so special. My only complain is no Love A Girl Right which is one of my fave song from the album.

    Wasabi was one of my fave number and I really enjoyed the live performance of Bounce Back even if the song itself left me a bit meh on the release. They do have a very strong catalogue now!

    I always followed the girls but LM5 and the tour had made me found new love for them. I love their chemistry and the passion they have for the group. I really hope they will continue the group for a very long time because I do believe they still have so much potential to explore.

    Long live Little Mix!
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oh wow, the context a few more seconds can change..

    Also, the love in Perrie's eyes. I'm still sobbing watching it but it turned from depressing to 'kinda beautiful'
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  5. We don’t deserve them.
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  6. ...
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  7. Where did people say they saw plans for a B stage?
  8. Just came back from the concert, I had the best night really! I'll try to post a full review later on if you guys want.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Jade pulling faces to cheer up Perrie & Jesy is cute.
    Them clinging together throughout the whole song (which was not the routine for the song the night before) is as well. The sisterhood of these girls.

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  10. how I wish they would do a show in LA
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  11. It's a cute moment but...are their backing tracks always so loud? Do they even sing that song live?
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  12. So yesterday night was magical.
    It was my first time seeing Little Mix as I'm kinda of a newbie fan and I was blown away by how much energy and how great they are on stage.

    Up until the ballad section the concert is a back-to-back bop-to-bop dance extravaganza, I mean Salute going into Power going into Woman Like Me going into Wasabi going into Bounce Back to finish into a glorious medley of Only You/Black Magic. WIG.

    Wasabi was/is/will be a fucking MOMENT, words cannot describe how amazing the performance is and the crowd reaction to it. When it was over I start screaming "AGAIN DO IT AGAIN!"

    The ballad section is nice, the girls look amazing in their costumes and, as reported, yesterday night Jessy was so emotional that after her speech to introduce The Cure started crying. It was an heartbreaking moment really, she was sobbing her way through the song and couldn't sing her part, I felt so much for her in that moment, the only good side was that (if was ever needed) it showed how close the girls are and how they embrace Jessy during that moment... not to mention how Jade started pulling face to reset the mood and made everyone laugh.

    The rest of the show went down as a storm with Wings and Shout Out To My Ex being another big highlight.
    Setlist-wise I have to say that, after all, none of the "not wanted" songs (Told You So/Joan of Arc/Woman's World/More Than Words) didn't really fit into the show, of course I would prefer to see Monster In Me/Move/DNA/Motivate instead but still there wasn't a down moment during the entire setlist.
    I know there are rumors floating around about this not being "the full show" but I can't really see where to add other songs if not with another entire new section - bar for the beginning that felt very quick.

    Costume were all great, if I may move one critic is that they should change costumes for the encore and that for the last costumes (the one with fire on) Jessy's should be black like the others, she is the only one in red.

    They are all great performers but after yesterday I decided who's my favorite Little Mix and my order of preference.
    1. Jade - I will stan her forever! Amazing voice, great moves, great personality and she was so energetic and happy the whole night.
    2. Jessy - it's hard to believe that such a fragile and delicate soul may appear THAT strong on stage, she really IS THAT BITCH.
    3. Leigh-Anne - she is such a cutie that you just want to go there and hug her
    4. and none for Perrie.

    Last but not least, the crowd was PHENOMENAL! One of the best crowd I've ever seen in my entire life! We sang every single words of every single songs and we dance our heart out for the whole 2 hours. When you're lucky enough to get such a crowd then you'll get the best time ever.

    PS: The PIT was half of the General Standing - for security reason it seems like they can't have a clear floor but they have to divide in two.
    PPS: head over to my instagram (see above) to see some stories if you want to, they should be up until midnight tonight.
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  13. Do they have a live band this time around? I don't think I've seen any in the videos posted online...
  14. Nope, it's just backing tracks.
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  15. I need HQ photos of Jade's Wasabi costume, dammit.
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  16. The Vienna show has been cancelled
  17. That sucks :/. Aren’t they going to reschedule?
  18. The fact they wanted Strip to be a lead single but don't have it on the setlist is so weird.
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