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Little Mix - LM5 The Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Electivirer, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Seeing so many Ella’s caused me anxiety but great show! Loved it,
  2. So amazing to hear you were noticed @MadameX! You deserve it!
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  3. Speaking of outfits, my seamstress just got back to me and she's ordered the fabric for my look.

    She found the exact same fabric Zigman used for the Wasabi costumes. Literally I'm gagged.
  4. Thank you so much!!!

    I am so shook, I didn’t think they’d of said anything. The show was incredible, we turned up about 8ish so missed the support but going tonight again and tomorrow I’m not fussed. During Power, Perrie noticed first and pointed and stuck her tongue out. Then after Wasabi, Jesy mouthed “OMG” and shortly after, Claud was pointing with his baton saying “LOVE IT”. Honestly when Jade mentioned it was such a blur so I can’t even remember how she said it or what was said before so if anyone could let me know or if anyone has videos of the girls chatting to the crowd before Think About Us please let me know!

    Hope everyone had a great time. Can’t wait for tonight!

    @theonlyblake I cannot wait to see this!!
  5. Jade was saying “we love seeing familiar faces” and then pointed at you and said “we have this lovely girl dressed in Jesys Bouce Back look, you look incredible” and the other 3 all said “you look so cool.”

    It was a little moment, for sure!

    We’re going tonight again too, so it’d be amazing if they spot you again! I’ll try and be camera ready this time.
  6. Ok so I had the best time tonight. They were amazing and the show was a million times better than the Glory Days tour. Wasabi was 100% my highlight!

    It was a decent crowd too, not too many kids near me.. although, one girl in the row in front (maybe 13/14) sat in her seat on her phone the whole night until they done Touch. What a waste.

    Also, there was no fans left when I went to the merch stands. Gutted.
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  7. The fans seem to be popular!

    There was a really nice couple sitting in front of us last night who had 3 EACH and during Wasabi, they went wild with them!
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  8. Seeing so many young girl fans at a girl band concert caused you anxiety...
  9. DFCE98AE-5E8F-469D-8168-432D2A1FABBE.jpeg
    Shook! Unexpectedly close to the front. Excited for a great show!
  10. Have a great time, enjoy!
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  11. Yeah cause my metal Health has been at a all time low this year especially around October each year but the past year has been the worse as i suffer from PTS from being raped around Halloween so even getting outside at the moment is a victory! My anxiety around kids is due to the fact the local kids thought it was a fun thing to attack the gay guys house with stones and bricks daily to the point we had to move tho I generally have panic attacks and anxiety so I don’t have good experiences and also where we were sitting around us was just the kids and there parents so we felt a bit out of place! Not anybody’s fault as we chose to,go the concert it was just how we felt with my partner being over 50 but yeah everybody’s different and sometimes there’s reasons why someone would feel a certain way anyways the night was enjoyable after all and I wish I hadn’t said that above post now.
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  12. The girls have cancelled all Australian and New Zealand dates to record new music.
  13. I feel really sorry for their fans over there. To move the dates and then cancel them all together after the fans have waited so long must have been a hard decision. Knowing what we know now about Jesy and the hard times she went through, I don’t want to be judgemental about them cancelling as the new music thing could be a cover up.
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  14. That's proper shitty.
    Cancelling a whole leg of their tour to 'record new music' doesn't make any sense. It's definitely something else.
  15. Delaying the dates and then cancelling them is not going to do wonders for their reputation over there.
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  16. Yeah there’s no way recording new music is the reason. In the One Direction doc we saw the boys hopping off stage and getting straight in the booth that was set up in the hotels. If there’s money to be made touring, they will make it and recording will fit around the shows - therefore, I imagine there wasn’t money to be made down under for the girls at this time.
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  17. So... poor tickets sales, huh?
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  18. The last time they said this, the tour they were gonna embark on was selling abysmally and the album they were recording got 90% scrapped, so good luck I guess nn
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  19. sorry for my absolute ignorance, but i found out that im gonna be in the uk during the final london shows, and i'm trying to buy tickets - it seems there aren't any available in section a (closest to the stage) officially so i'm looking on stubhub - some of the seats have seat numbers in section a and some say GA. is half the section seated and half of it standing/ga? if so, what would you recommend? im taking my 50 year old sister as well, so bear that in mind!
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