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Little Mix - LM5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Little Mix in yo area
  2. Imagine being fortunate enough to ignore what's going on around you in the world?

    I wonder if there's a word for's' some way....
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  3. People ignored it before this documentary came out though... R Kelly has had shady stuff going on for years, and people loved his work, but now because it's been brought to light and social media has got wind, suddenly it's EVERYWHERE.

    I can't with the hypocrisy sometimes.
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  4. Oh, this thread has gone so political. I’m just here for the second single announcement tbh. Still not announced? Okay, bye x
  5. Jesy confirmed that they’ve filmed the Think About Us video on Insta. PROGRESS. UNPROBLEMATIC KWEEN. LETS MOVE FORWARD
  6. No, no, no. We're not going down the "everyone's a hypocrite" route.

    Yes, it's bad that it was largely ignored until the documentary came around. But it's actually being addressed now, and for her to pull this stunt after that is just... ignorance, or stupidity, call it what you want. And to double down on it by ignoring the criticism aimed at you? Please. Give me a break.
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  7. It was a mess. As a fan, I'd like her to address it. Jesy comes off as such an uneducated person. I bet she still thinks everyone's exaggerating and it's no big deal. Hadn't she received backlash, she wouldn't delete it. She should just post a video apologizing and saying it was ignorant of hers. People make mistakes, it costs nothing to acknowledge it and apologize, it's not like it isn't already all over the media. TMZ had a story on it.
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  8. I love Taylor. Sucks that this has left the rate already.
    Sorry I just want to lighten the mood.
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  9. Interacting with fans and liking comments on instagram won’t solve the mess you caused over the weekend, Miss Jesy. Just address it and move on. It’s that easy.
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  10. That most recent performance of Think About Us has really sold it for me. I was always pretty indifferent to it but now I can’t get it out of my head. A bop.
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  11. If she cared she would have apologised by now.
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  12. How can none of the other three sit her down and say "this is messy please address it"...
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  13. Unsurprisingly, she confirmed that they’ll be performing Motivate and Woman’s World on tour.
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  14. And Monster In Me.
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  15. And let's not forget that lots of people have been calling him out for years.

    I just don't understand how some of you can't just acknowledge that it was messy and in bad taste, hope that Jesy learns from it, that she doesn't do it again and move back onto enjoying the album without being defensive? It doesn't mean Little Mix have to be cancelled forever if you admit Jesy was being ignorant... If every artist who was similarly messy was cancelled we'd have like 2 threads open on Popjustice. You don't have to hand in your stan card.
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  16. If people are calling out those listening to R Kelly now, what about those that listened to Michael Jackson during his trial and after and what about those that enjoy Roman Polanski films???

    - What about the Spice Girls performing 'Leader Of The Gang' in the Spice World movie?!!!!

    She was stupid to post the clip without thinking of the current situation, but she'll learn from this and that's all you can ask for really, isn't it?
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  17. It's 2019.
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  18. Well it's easy when you don't give a fuck about all 3 of these ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. I think what people are asking for is any sort of evidence that she is actually going to learn from this.

    All she has to do is post something on her next Instagram story saying "Sorry, guys". That's literally it.
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