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Little Mix - LM5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Second award, Best Group.
  2. Have to laugh at Capital forcing Little Mix to promote them but they can't play Think About Us on their stations. I literally cringed when Marvin Humes asked them on the Brits red carpet to talk about their Global Awards performance.

    Not to mention their annoying presenters like Roman Kemp. Ugh.
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  3. I’m checking in and out of the live feed hoping to catch their performance but this award show is a shambles. It’s agressively boring.
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  4. So their team had them booked for this but couldn't bargain a Think About Us play listing. Okay.
  5. No wonder Jesy got so drunk last year having to watch this kind of shambles.
  6. This genuinely feels like 12 year olds pretending they’re putting on an awards show for their family in the sitting room and to be honest, I don’t even think it has much as an atmosphere as that.

    It’s so dull, disorganised and lifeless. Shocking that it’s associated with Capital whose events are usually better than this.

    Give me the Little Mix performance and let’s call this a night.
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  7. Yess Think About Us!
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  8. This stream is awful. Keeps cutting out for me.
  9. Glad they performed Think About Us but they could have at least done the full song. The performances were good but not their best, we still stan.
  10. Think About Us translates so well live! A shame they've cut it short again.
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  11. Yas at Think About Bops getting that promo. Make it a hit, girls.
  12. Unfortunately it's looking like it'll miss the top 20.
  13. Jade and Leigh we’re struggling a bit vocally on Women Like Me (understandable after Kilimanjaro) but overall it was ok . The Think About Us peformance was good but I wish they done the full version.
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  14. Stop performing Woman Like Me for fucks sake!
  15. This week. It’s still climbing.
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  16. Think About Us is epic!!!
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  17. The Think About Us performance was better than the Woman Like Me one, but that’s to be expected at this point. I still think it’s going to be a hit for them.
  18. Finally a video where I can see most of the Think About Us choreo. Unpopular opinion but I love the latest Woman Like Me performances, they can keep performing it if they do this. Jesy was on fire.

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  19. Those were good performances.
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  20. Yeah I think Jesy in particular done great here also !
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