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Little Mix - LM5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. They are so bloody good. Disgusting it's the fans having to get them these awards when the industry should be awarding them!
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  2. It'll be sad if this becomes their first one to miss the Top 20.
  3. It felt like it was dead upon arrival IMO.
  4. 'Strip' was already at #25 when the album was released and had a video...just madness why they abandoned it and waited months to get Think About Us out, which wasn't even one of the fan favourites anyway?

    Oh well. They've had platinum top 20 hits non stop since 2015, one flop single was bound to happen at some point.
  5. Y’all are doing a lot over a single that’s 2 spots away from breaking the top 20, is rising on streaming, and has plenty of room to grow at radio.
  6. The video was removed from Hot Hits UK though. Besides, I think it's time they discounted the track.
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  7. Are they performing on Comic Relief? That (or another prime time TV performance) plus a discount should see them into the top 20 easily, I think.
  8. The main problem the track has faced is lack of support from Capital, had it got given the usual support I am sure it would be performing better on all metrics including streaming.
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  9. Should we be concerned for their future releases then? Losing support from one of the biggest mainstream stations isn't exactly encouraging...
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  10. Ok... so I think I won tickets to their intimate gig that was advertised a while ago. WHAT A DAY I’M HAVING.

    Although it says in the e-mail “first come, first served” and I e-mailed them back an hour or so after they sent it to me and I’ve had no reply so who knows if I’m actually going or not.
  11. If it has been label politics at play that has caused the snub then I don't think it will last, I just don't believe Capital will continue to ignore one of the biggest musical acts in the country forever.

    I don't know what else would cause them to snub this single other than shady manouvers by a disgruntled label.
  12. The video’s performing pathetically bad. Not adding the second single to Today’s Top Hits is weird too.
  13. It's what Think About Us deserves.
  14. Time for wasabi LM7!!!!!!
  15. I'm not sure you can consider a track making the top 30 "a flop" anymore?

    Maybe just by their standards?
  16. I just don’t think the songs connected with the public as well as all their others - it never seemed like one of their songs that will go down as one they’ll always be remembered for anyway. I’ll be happy if it matches No More Sad Songs and then crack on with the next single!
  17. It seems to me like they’re not even gonna bother with a discount or trying to push this song any further because of whatever it is they said they have coming soon.
    Now I’m just going to pretend that since they never called it a single, it doesn’t count against their Top 20 streak.
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