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Little Mix - LM5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Also the fact it’s a just a little summer collab rather than the lead single means less fanfare (interviews, performances, etc) to discuss. The song, while cute, not being particularly fresh or exciting probably contributes as well.
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  2. I noticed that but there ain't much to discuss. Geoblocked lyric video of stock footage, a few generic social media posts and... that's it? There's no promo and there probably won't be, there wasn't even a round of radio call-ins. There's no story, it doesn't feel meaningful to anybody involved. Some of them are still on vacation with the tour coming up in two weeks.

    I still like the performances, I'm still bopping casually, but when you compare how excited they were in some of their writing sessions to how things seem now... yeah.
  3. I'd LOVE if we got a Little Mix single and video like this:

    EXACTLY what they should be doing right now both look wise and sound.
    Wig would flew even higher.
  4. Plus the first time any of us heard Shout Out was with THAT X Factor performance so there was so much to talk about.

    Like Nissi said, we have no promo, no performances and no music video to discuss yet.
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  5. We've barely had a tweet from them telling us the song is out!
  6. Is Your Love Enough? Should’ve had a single treatment, music video, live performance, radio spins, the lot.

    Happy Monday x
  7. If I remember correctly Reggaeton Lento had quite a subdued release to start with? It was seen as 'just' a feature on someone else's song, and not really a 'proper' single, but it grew over time. I still think this will be a hit.
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  8. I don’t remember the specifics but either Reggaeton Lento had more going on for it at the start (Spotify, radio, etc) or the power of the Little Mix name has lost a lot of steam because it debuted at #5 while Only You is likely going to miss the Top 20.
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  9. Ah ok, maybe it was the reaction on here that felt similar to this, i.e. generic but cute bop that probably won't go down as classic Little Mix.

    I don't think their name has lost any of its selling power but they have been away for much longer this time. Also I know it's only been a year between the two singles but even in that space of time the charts have changed a fair bit. Songs take even longer to build now.
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  10. I think them not being listed on Spotify is dampening it a little and hopefully that will be rectified.

    Also, the Bubbling Under Hot 100 is shaking:

    This seems way too late (of course - its Little Mix's team) considering their own lead single for the album will likely drop in late Aug-September.
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  11. Reggaeton Lento had an X Factor performance and playlisted everywhere on Spotify. Plus it’s a lot better than Only You. So it deserves a bigger initial impact.
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  12. Only You is trash. Give me the lead single ladies
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  13. I can see their team thinking of Only You as a low-risk flyer in the US that can be out there at the same time as the LM5 lead which will be the UK focus. I'm not saying it's a great idea, but I do at least understand why they have approached the launch this way now.
  14. Yeh this actually doesn’t really deserve to do well. This immediately lukewarm response reflects the songs quality.
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  15. In before the lead comes out in early November and the album two weeks later.
  16. Summer Hits Tour rehearsals started today.

    Hoping for some new choreo/mixes!
  17. Only You is just not good!
  18. It's going to be an all LM final
  19. Instantly A-listed by Radio 2. Yeah, I didn't see that coming.

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