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Little Mix - LM5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I think it would be worth all four of them getting motorcycle lisences just for this iconic entrance concept
  2. I would bet my hat that they would have started that BGT performance on motorbikes.
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  3. But, we did get Wings at One Love, and it was absolutely amazing.
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  4. I doubt any fans of Stormzy bought 'Power' just to hear a 30 second verse on a Little Mix track.
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  5. Like this? Only even better!

  6. The cheat the codes game is confusing, thus far they've hinted at the letters N E S L and O. There are 9 hints in total.

    Can't see what it could be... Nelson?
  7. Lioness jumped out at me for some reason, that could be a cool album title/single title.
  8. They gave away the rest on the news letter and it seems to be ‘No One Else’ or ‘Ellen Show’ from what fans are saying.
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  9. I screamed.
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  10. That’s the girl from Disney Channel.
  11. Are we thinking the g0rls didn’t film any scenes for this video?
  12. Probably. Guess it keeps the surprise element alive for their lead's video?
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  14. Aw I think it really fits the song!
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  15. Okay but why is it geoblocked in the US, which is the country this release is ostensibly aimed at helping them in? There isn't even an alternate version this time.
  16. At least someone did Ariel right this week.
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  17. the song is still awful
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