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Little Mix - 'Only You' and Fifth Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. It's a cacophony and a racket? Most of us took months to grow into it.
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  2. Definitely not designed for radio, even the girls thought people would think it was just noise.
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  3. Power is still that bop. The Glory Days singles run was perfect.
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  4. It’s got a very catchy radio-friendly chorus but everything else about the song is very risky.
  5. Power is as radio friendly as Biology. Let’s not discredit the song only because it became huge, overplayed and therefore popular. I obviously prefer the album version, though.
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  6. The intro and Perrie's opening verse are already incredibly risky.

    You watch any reaction video on YouTube and you watch the faces of people as soon as Perrie opens the song with that growl.

    The structure of the song is literally all over the place. The opening of Perrie - Jesy - Perrie -Jade to the breakdown is a wild ride.

    The most beautiful part about the song though is that it sounds like a song that only Little Mix could do, in the same way that Move was similar.

    It's the first song they've done since Move that has made me think that way and that's what I want them to keep going forward with the next album.
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  7. 2014

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    Power is phenomenal but No More Sad Songs is the one.
  8. Power is fine and it did grow on me but if they want to take risks on this next album I’d prefer Move type risks over Power type risks. I’d also prefer more of whatever Touch and No More Sad Songs can be considered.
  9. I’m still in love with RnB mix but I wouldn’t be mad at them if they stayed in the pop lane, as it’s worked well for them and the holy trinity of Touch/NMSS/Power is the one. I would love for them to work with Tinashe and whoever produced JoJo’s Madlove. They encompass urban pop so well.

    Imagine the girls singing Vibe, I Can Only and Madlove (JoJo) or Faded Love and No Drama (Tinashe)!
  10. What I don’t like about No More Sad Songs campaign is the video. The song screams such an amazing video treatment linking with the lyrics and yet we get that generic posey sexy video. What a waste.
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  11. Power is such an anthem. Their best single for me.
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  12. They won the iHeart award for Best Remix with CNCO.

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  13. Something else a bit exciting about what's next is that there isn't an obvious trend on radio at the moment, especially for female artists, the ones thriving the most are the ones who found their sound and excelled at it. So assuming they won't release a reggaeton song a year later as they usually do, they'll either stay in the lane of the Platinum tracks or follow another direction, hopefully an unexpected and minimally original one.
  14. It's generally an oddly structured pop song. It is a total racket. The song stops mid way through while the words "Motorbike" are repeated and is followed by that somewhat jarring breakdown. The more easily listening stations like Heart and Radio 2 refused to play Power, while they played No More Sad Songs, Touch, Shout Out, Hair etc.
  15. Power is fine but I’m gonna need y’all to keep it out of Little Mix’s Top 5 songs because she’s not that kind of girl.
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  16. I think it's my favourite single of theirs.
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  17. Move will always be the one. Power is a close second.
  18. Power
    Love Me Like You
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  19. Move, Touch, Love Me Like You, DNA, No More Sad Songs and Salute are their best singles and that's the bon apple tea.
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