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Little Mix - 'Only You' and Fifth Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. My fave singles are Touch, Wings and Black Magic.

    Touch should’ve been the lead single for album four as Shout Out to My Ex isn’t my cup of tea at all. It’s very much a song of that moment aswell and I can’t imagine them wanting to sing it years from now. As a of that moment in time diss to Zayn it worked well though.
  2. You better snatch that Syco coin Onika sis
  3. I've learnt not to get excited about this kind of statement after the whole Perrie 'I cried when we got to work with Meghan Trainor' debacle.
  4. Same but the thought of Nicki Minaj with them excites me too much.. it needs to happen.
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  5. Is that who she was referring to when she said that? Perrie sis, please...
  6. It'll be Ed on a Christmas ballad and you'll all be forced to deal.
  7. Well it was either Meghan or Charlie Puth...
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  8. Wasn't it about Ariana but it was scrapped?
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  9. Maybe she was crying about working with Meghan for obvious reasons. She was distraught.
  10. Wait, was that real?
  11. Do you remember when everyone was claiming Ariana was going to be on Touch?!
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  12. I don't know that's why I'm asking. I remember there was a lot of fuss over them doing a collab with her, but maybe it was just the tour.
  13. Touch and Shoutout To My Ex were the first two song titles we knew, and early on Touch was speculated to be an Ariana collab. From what I know that was something they wanted to happen but it didn't work out.
  14. Would've been weird to be honest...
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  15. Weren't they touring with Ariana for months but she actually only met and spoke to them once? Weird.

    I just want a more mature sound from them this time around and less bubblegum pop like Shoutout. That said they've got better with every album in my opinion, I much prefer Glory Days to Salute and Get Weird.
    Touch, No More Sad Songs and Power are all killer. Also the bonus tracks on GD were all very good
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  16. If they came through in 2013-2015 with a Nicki collab I would have been living. Nowadays Onika is a joke and majority of her recent features have been trash so I’d rather not have her on a Little Mix track. And this is coming from someone who’s seen Nicki live twice.

    If Azealia Banks didn’t have such a poor reputation is love an underground 90’s ball scene esque collab with the girls, especially Jade! Syco would not sign off on that in a million years though.
  17. I don't know how much truth there is to that though because they seem to interact a lot on social media and with her dancers too, they said Ariana requested them for One Love and Jade said in an interview they text her often.

    I don't think all that would happen if they only spoke once on tour for 3 months.

    Not to mention they said Frankie was never out the dressing room the entire tour.
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  18. I agree. Just because we only got one photo op from them on the tour together doesn’t mean that was the only time they met/hung out.
  19. I can completely hear Ariana singing Touch in my head.
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  20. Imagine the coloured blocks in the maze opening up at the middle 8 with Ariana in her leotard strutting forward singing that bridge.


    I mean I'd still wish for a more complex video but make lemonade and all that.
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