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Little Mix - 'Only You' and Fifth Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. So I guess that makes two songs recorded.
  2. I guess they are going to LA to work on the album. + Coachella

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  3. I love Leigh's hair in dreads. She looks gorgeous.
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  4. Get a Max Martin song for God sakes.
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  5. Yeah even though he doesn't seem to quite have the touch lately, it would still be a nice career milestone given the enormous number of hits he's created over the years.
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  6. I don’t think they’d released this part of the interview before today
  7. I was getting Pete Burns vibes
  8. It looks like it’s only Leigh and Jade who have gone to LA, they must just be split into their normal pairs and working with different people.
  9. I feel like they’re just going to Coachella. I’m not getting my hopes up about them working with new people (and American producers at that) until I see the proof.
  10. I think they are just going to Coachella. I doubt they'd send 2 of the girls to LA to work and leave 2 at home.
  11. I think they might do a little work together too? They seem to be quite in line with where they’d take things too. Bring home some desert dancing inspired bops!
  12. Just watched ‘Little Mix: Official Top 10’ on MTV. Thoughts:

    - I am so pleased they have a song like Touch in their back catalogue.
    - The Black Magic video is very problematic isn’t it?
  13. From Leigh's story it looks like they're staying at some sort of apartment or Air BnB, it doesn't really look like a hotel. If they were just doing Coachella I'm sure they would get a hotel or villa closer to, not something in central LA.
  14. If I were them I'd go to Beychella too.
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  15. I know that this was just a little game but I love how quickly they jump in with the harmonies and they really do have a history of great singles.
  16. Okay so I’m probably going to watch this about 100 times before bed.
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  17. Nine hits...not everybody has that!
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  18. Juvenile yes problematic no.
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  19. Ugh, that should've lasted 5 minutes, those automatic harmonies!!!!
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  20. Yeah they could have snuck in another one at the end but they got too caught up in doing Touch!

    I still want a full acoustic EP/side release at some point.
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