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Little Mix - 'Only You' and Fifth Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Because they go from nerdy to pretty and make a girl fart? Donald Trump is problematic. The Black Magic video isn’t.
  2. I get why the video is slightly an issue. It’s basically saying that a victim of bullying has to become a bully to be accepted. I’ve never liked that video.
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  3. I have never seen anything like it! The way they all spring into action as soon as one of them starts another song is a sight and sound to behold. And they somehow manage to sing Wings all at the same time. Do they all share a brain?
  4. Oh God, calm down, I was only making a passing comment on a music video.
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  5. Leigh-Anne just posted on her Insta story a couple hours ago saying she's about to "get her Coachella on" so that's confirmed why they're there.
  6. “The Black Magic video is very problematic isn’t it?” Isn’t really passing comment. You’re leaving it open for discussion and
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  7. Has anyone else ever noticed how much louder their songs are if you listen to iTunes downloaded versions than if you do to the Spotify ones?! It's so annoying cause I want to give them streams but I can never turn it as loud as I want there...
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  8. I find everything on Spotify quieter than everything on my iTunes for some reason.
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  9. Yep, Spotify is always a notch quieter on my Mac. But LM tracks in particular were always 2 notches quieter on Spotify, and sometimes even quieter than that on Youtube. They seemed to fix it with the platinum tracks though, thank goodness. It can't help if you're trying to stand out on a playlist and you're much quieter than everyone else.
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  10. YAS
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  11. If only the producers listened to Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson!

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  12. Why are they being interviewed by Ted Cruz?
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  13. That 60 seconds medley was great

  14. She looks so fucking good
  15. They’re all perfect but Jade really is THAT girl isn’t she?
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  16. I like them all. But she’s something else, yes.

    This made me laugh the other day:
  17. Honestly fuck her for looking like this. I enjoyed my scalp thanks.
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